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Contact: Jennifer Rawlinson
Nicholas J. Cusick, President
Nik Ditzler, Sales Coordinator
Rena McLaughlin, Customer Service

For over 15 years, creative design, attention to quality and durability and simple but elegant lines have been the hallmark of our product line. This popular product line is now available from BRP by bison LLC who recently obtained the line from former ownership. BRP by bison’s parent company, Bison, Inc. (, has been a leading manufacturer of athletic equipment for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities for play at all levels for over 25 years. Whether your needs are for streetscapes, commercial developments, parks, public gardens, university campuses, museums, public buildings, or any place where people gather and relax, BRP by bison can provide the right equipment, on time, for the right price. New ownership insures renewed commitment to exceptional customer service, on-time delivery, ongoing product development and market competitiveness. If BRP by bison is not yet your site amenities provider of choice, we welcome an opportunity to prove ourselves to you and your clients.
Product Categories:
02845 Bollards + Barriers
02870 Site Furnishings: Seating, Tables + Gazebos
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
11480 Athletic + Recreational Equipment
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture
12600 Multiple Seating
12931 Bicycle Racks
13125 Grandstands + Bleachers
Showrooms / Distributors:
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Brands / Products:
Benches and receptacle site furnishing collections: Manchester(TM), Papio Signature(TM), Ashebrooke(TM), Private Collection(TM); tables and chairs: Cafe(TM) Collection patio furnishings; Bike security stations: Wave(TM), HighWheeler(TM), CrestLine(TM), Hoop Up(TM), Flip Up(TM), LoopLine(TM); 4-1/2' and 8' bollards with and without bike lock loops; Inverted U-Style barriers; sports equipment: basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, football, rugby, tetherball, and lacrosse; bleachers and benches
Receptacles & Planters
Bike Security Stations

New Products:
New Weatherbeater Mastercoat(TM) textured powder coating and EcoSoft(TM) thermoplastic 10-year-warranty finishes in eight standard colors plus lifetime functional warranty on all site furnishings, recycling receptacles now available in each style collection, customized Private Collection benches and receptacles with lettering or logos, Cafe (TM) Collection tables and chairs, pole mounted litter receptacles and planters, mini HighWheeler(TM) bike racks, Inverted U-Style barriers, sports equipment for field and outdoor court sports, aluminum 3- and 4-tiered fan bleachers and player benches with backrests
Tables & Chairs
Customizable Furnishings
Sports Equipment

Green Statement/Products:
At BRP by bisonTM, our product engineering, manufacturing processes, and the materials we purchase are developed with environmentally-friendly yet cost effective strategies in mind. BRP by bison is committed to using high content post-consumer, post-industrial recycled steel and plastics as well as processes that use green, recycled components whenever possible throughout the prototype, fabrication, and finishing stages.

Material Content
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AsheBrooke Collection
Manchester Collection
Papio Signature Collection
Private Collection
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