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Bravado Outdoor Products specializes in unique, permanent concrete recreational equipment for parks, schools, entertainment venues and home use. Bravado products promote healthy physical and social activity for all ages and physical activity levels. We help build engaging public spaces that promote physical health and joyful play! Bravado products set projects apart by incorporating play into the hardscape. Our play products engage adults, seniors, teens, children and people with disabilities. We help build better community into the design. Bravado employs state of the art concrete methods and cutting-edge products to bring noteworthy innovation and customer engagement to your project. We are the concrete play industry. Everybody plays!
Product Categories:
02870 Site Furnishings: Seating, Tables + Gazebos
02872 Outdoor Sculpture + Ornamental Work
02880 Playground Equipment + Structures
03050 Concrete Materials + Methods
03400 Precast Concrete
11480 Athletic + Recreational Equipment
12580 Residential Furniture + Furnishings
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
Concrete Table Tennis Table
Concrete Foosball Tables

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Cantilever Table
Concrete Chess Tables

Green Statement/Products:
Bravado Outdoor Products is committed to being good stewards of the planet. Not only are our products excellent choices for people concerned about the environment, we offer post-consumer recycled elements not only as part of our product, but as a unique and beautiful celebration of the artistic possibilities of recycling! We employ environmental best practices throughout our manufacturing and operations whenever possible.

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