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1445 Greenleaf Rd
Charleston, SC 29405

Tel : 843.364.7653
Green Roof Outfitters is a manufacturer of modular green roof systems and a wholesaler of deck pavers (Ipe, Black Locust, & Porcelain), self-leveling deck pedestals, green wall systems, planters and more. All of our products are based on our principle of quality, functionality and affordability. Our vegetated green roof system has been verified by a third party engineering firm for the quantified stormwater retention capabilities, and can be used for stormwater BMP’s and available green roof incentives. We can provide detailed specs and information on all of our product lines as needed and can assist in the design, cost estimating and completion of your projects.
Product Categories:
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
02900 Planting, Trees, Lawns + Landscape
02945 Planting Accessories + Landscape Edging
06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing + Sub Flooring
07555 Green Roofing + Wall Systems
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
GROWVista Modular Green Roof Systems
GRO Deck Paver
RYNO Pedestal Systems

New Products:
Engineered Green Roof Soil
Sedum Tiles/Mats
Planter Boxes

Green Statement/Products:
The GROWVista green roof system offer many environmental and wellness benefits including stormwater runoff BMP, Urban-Heat-Island reduction, and more.

LEED® Guide

Green Roof Systems
Deck Paver Systems
Pedestal Systems
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