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One Knauf Drive
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Tel : 800.825.4434
Fax: 317.398.3675
Mark Andrews, CEO North America

Knauf Insulation represents one of the most respected and progressive names in insulation worldwide.

The company is the fastest growing insulation manufacturer in the world offering a wide range of insulation products to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and acoustic performance in new and existing homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications.

Knauf Insulation is committed to sustainable development and conservation of the environment. Knauf’s low-emitting products improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of buildings and are manufactured from a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled material.
Product Categories:
07200 Thermal Insulation + Protection
07210 Building Insulation + Foam Insulation
07220 Roof Insulation + Deck Insulation
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
To locate a Knauf distributor in your area, contact Knauf at 800-825-4434 ext. 8300 for Building Insulation products and 800-825-4434 ext. 8283 for Commercial and Industrial products.
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Brands / Products:
EcoBatt® Glasswool; Jet Stream® 73.3 Blowing Wool; Perimeter Plus™ BIBs; Eclipse™ Air Duct Board with ECOSE® Technology; Friendly Feel® Duct Wrap with ECOSE® Technology; Insulation Board with ECOSE® Technology; Wall and Ceiling Liner M with ECOSE® Technology; Black Acoustical Board with ECOSE® Technology; Sonic XP™ Duct Liner with ECOSE® Technology; Rigid Plenum Liner with ECOSE® Technology; Earthwool™ 1000° Pipe Insulation with ASJ+; Proto PVC Fitting Covers; Redi-Klad™ 1000° Pipe Insulation with ECOSE® Technology; KwikFlex™ Pipe & Tank with ECOSE® Technology; Pipe & Tank Insulation with ECOSE® Technology; Elevated Temperature Products with ECOSE® Technology (Board, Panel, Blanket, High Density Blankets and Batts)
ECOSE® Technology
Knauf EcoBatt® Glasswool
Knauf Insulation Board with ECOSE® Technology

New Products:
Earthwool™ 1000° Pipe Insulation with ASJ+; EcoBatt® Glasswool Insulation, and Sonic XP™ Duct Liner with ECOSE® Technology
Earthwool™ 1000° Pipe Insulation
Knauf Sonic XP™ Duct Liner with ECOSE® Technology

Green Statement/Products:
ECOSE® Technology is a revolutionary, new sustainable proprietary binder technology born from five years of intensive research and development. It is based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than petroleum-based chemicals commonly used in traditional fiberglass insulation product binders. ECOSE Technology converts natural, rapidly renewable bio-based materials into an inert polymer for superior environmental sustainability. And it does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors.

ECOSE® Technology


Residential Building Products
Non-Residential Building Products
Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Pipe Insulation
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