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Backed by 30 years of experience in the mission-critical lighting industry, Oelo delivers the only structural lighting solution that is both permanent and configurable. Built to last with high-quality materials, our products enable customized lighting concepts that withstand the test of time.
A low-profile design seamlessly fits your home, business, or other outdoor structure, disguising your lighting by day and allowing it to vibrantly glow by night. Plus, with preprogrammed settings and easy control options, Oelo lighting solutions create the perfect evening effect for every mood, moment, or occasion.
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16050 Electrical Materials + Methods
16222 LED Lighting
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16502 Residential Lighting
16520 Exterior Lighting
16521 Exterior Building Lighting
Commercial + Residential
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Oelo can custom design your permanent lighting system for your home, business, or outdoor space, or you can choose from our range of lighting kits that correspond to other structural elements of various homes and outdoor spaces.
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New Products:
Permanent LED holiday and patio lighting for homes and businesses.

Green Statement/Products:
At Oelo, we recycle all of our waste and encourage our customers to do the same. We are committed to sustainability, both in our operations and product designs. Throughout the manufacturing process, Oelo ensures that our systems are constructed of recyclable plastics and electronics. We are dedicated to maintaining a minimal environmental footprint in our production techniques.

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