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PHP Systems/Design (Portable Pipe Hangers) is America’s leading source for roof and land pipe and equipment support systems. PHP designs, manufactures and delivers innovative and sustainable support solutions for architects, engineers and building managers who understand what it means to “Build It Right.” We pioneered the original Zero Penetrations support system—allowing our customers limitless support options without jeopardizing their existing roof warranties. With professional, high-integrity, code- compliant designs and engineering, PHP is changing the way the roofing industry views their rooftop supports. Let us help you with your next challenge.
Product Categories:
05510 Metal Stairs, Spiral, Ladders + Balconies
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
07590 Roof Maintenance + Repairs
07720 Roof Specialty: Vents, Gutters, Fasteners
07725 Roof Walkways + Pads
08600 Skylights, Roof Windows + Greenhouses
15050 Materials + Methods
15100 Building Services: Piping, Drains + Valves
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Brands / Products:
Pipe Supports, Duct Supports, Cable Tray Supports, Equipment Supports, Walkways & Crossovers, Stairs & Ramps, Platforms, Solar Panel Supports, Industrial Grade Land Supports, Seismic & High Wind Applications Solid-State Skylights
Pipe Supports
Equipment Supports

New Products:
Industrial Grade Land & Equipment Support Systems, Solid-State Skylights
Roof Telecommunication Support Systems
Roof Platform Support Systems
Cable Tray Support Systems

Green Statement/Products:
PHP System/Design was created out of a growing need for a dependable, cost effective, means to support roof-mounted equipment and piping without the need to penetrate the roof system. Our sustainable rooftop pipe and equipment supports were developed, tested and built to last a lifetime®. PHP is now America’s leading source for sustainable rooftop pipe and equipment support systems and widely accepted as the "Alternative Solution" to the conventional method of supporting equipment and piping on any roof system or industrial land sites. Our creative solutions allow the highest level of flexibility and proven structural integrity – giving architects and engineers the industry’s most long lasting rooftop, equipment land support options in the industry. Our design team will take your plans, and your vision, to develop a sustainable approach that will last well beyond industry standards. Our design team is committed to delivering professional, high-integrity, code-compliant designs and engineering that solve every type of rooftop or land site challenge imaginable. In fact, we offer our design service at no charge – no matter the size of the customer, or the job. Rely on PHP’s dedicated design team to help you with your next rooftop challenge.

Arcat Green
Solar Panel Supports


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