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Traditional Beauty Engineered to Perfection
Pinnacle Panel is an exterior wall siding system that combines the legendary appearance and durability of traditional cedar shingles into an 8-foot engineered interlocking siding panel. Pinnacle Panels are usually installed, even by inexperienced workers, 8-10 times faster than traditional individual shingles.
When it comes to achieving a traditional exterior, be it siding for a New England-style home or a gable end feature for a West Coast craftsman, nothing is better than cedar shingle. However, finding skilled shingle installers at affordable rates is near-impossible. Pinnacle Panel was created to remove the need for experienced installers and make very high-quality cedar shingle siding more economical and durable.
Cedar’s naturally rich tonal range adds the kind of warm classic character and charm that synthetic products can’t duplicate. In addition to its unparalleled timeless beauty, cedar is environmentally responsible, low-to-no maintenance, and is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack. Furthermore, Pinnacle Panels have excellent thermal insulation characteristics, outperforming friable cement-fiber faux-wood siding products in this and in durability. And Pinnacle Panels won’t pose health risks, due to silica dust, that are common with cement-based products during installation.
Pinnacle Panels are hand-crafted, 8-foot panels, with a single course of cedar shingles affixed to durable 3/8” exterior-grade Douglas fir plywood sheathing. Panels are available in various styles and two standard exposures, 5.3' and 7.1'. All shingles have either 3/8” or 1/2” butts and are made from 100% clear of knots, fine-grain western red or Alaskan yellow cedar. Pinnacle Panels feature a proprietary interlocking design that prevents driven rain from penetrating between shingles. For added weather protection, the panels fit together with substantial vertical and horizontal overlaps.
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Western Red Cedar Shingle Panels Are Our Specialty.
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Pinnacle Panel’s are hand-crafted, 8-foot, single-course cedar shingle wall siding panels, available in various styles and two standard exposures, 5.3' and 7.1'. Shingles have either 1/2' or 3/8” butts and are genuine fine grain, 100% western red or Alaska yellow cedar.
Pinnacle Panel

Green Statement/Products:
Pinnacle Panel’s western red cedar shingles are made from mill trim ends that would otherwise be chipped for hog fuel so, unlike cement fiber, vinyl and other faux cedar synthetic siding products, Pinnacle Panel’s “green credentials” are impeccable.

• Pinnacle Panels are a convenient, cost effective and ecologically responsible and a great alternative to traditional cedar shingle siding.

• Pinnacle Panels are 8-10 times faster to install, are more durable and look more refined than traditional cedar shingle installations.

• Installing Pinnacle Panels instead of individual cedar shingles saves approximately 30% on shingle siding project costs.

• Pinnacle Panels are meticulously hand-crafted, using 100% fine grain western red or Alaska yellow cedar and other highly durable materials including 3/8” exterior grade Douglas fir plywood backer and state-of-the-art adhesive.

• Pinnacle Panels are reliable, conveniently ready to stain and require no maintenance.

• Pinnacle’s cedar shingles will not split or cup and during installation they will not fall apart.

• Pinnacle Panels, don’t require experienced installers to achieve professional results.

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