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01 Computer + Tools 05 Metals 09 Finishes 13 Special Construction
02 Site Construction 06 Wood + Plastics 10 Specialties 14 Conveying Systems
03 Concrete 07 Thermal + Moisture 11 Equip. + Appliances 15 Plumbing + HVAC
04 Masonry + Stone 08 Doors + Windows 12 Furnishings 16 Lighting + Electrical

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Twinsburg, Ohio.
Leading Producer of Color Dispersions and Additives
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St-FĂ©licien, Quebec.
Greenest Engineered Wood building solutions. Our waste free process recycles all wood residues...
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Fairfield, Ohio

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Chicago, Illinois.
Reclaimed Brick and Lumber
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Company Location Phone Company Location Phone Company Location Phone
Birch Creek Millwork ID 208.663.4329
Centennial Woods WY 866.778.8762
Ecofusion Flooring CA 877.215.6824
Goodwin Company FL 800.336.3118
Listone Giordano USA CA 949.540.6776
PlanetReuse MO 855.730.1730
The ARTifactory PA 717-263-6524
Trestlewood ID 877.375.2779 showcases the best Wood & Plastics building product manufacturers in North America. Wood & Plastic products include: Wood & Plastic Materials, Plastic Laminates & Countertops, Wood & Plastic Fastenings & Adhesives, Wood Cabinet Hardware, Carpentry: Wood Framing, Wood Panels, Timber Construction, Wood Decking, Sheathing & Sub Flooring, Wood: Prefab Structural Joists & Wood Trusses, Wood Framing Hardware, Wood Finish Carpentry: Millwork & Trim, Wood Paneling & Veneers, Wood Custom Cabinets & Closets, Wood Cabinets, Kitchen Countertops, Wood Stairs, Wood Spiral Stairs, Wood Guardrails/Banisters, Wood Ornaments & Columns, Wood Trim, Fascias & Soffits, Plastic: Structural, Fabrications & Railings, Plastic Lumber & Tubular Plastic, Wood & Plastic Restoration.
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