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The marble used in the production of our products is quarried in Italy, Crotia, Spain, France and Germany. We crush marble rocks into specific chip sizes and mix with polyester to form a slurry that is poured into a block mold. The mold is pressurized and vibrated while the mixture hardens into a block that cures for 72 hours. Blocks are stored until needed to fill a customer's order, and then moved to the gang saws and finishing line where they are cut into slabs and tiles and packed for shipment. Rover products are sold throughout the world for a wide variety of applications. These include schools, shopping malls, airport terminals, office lobbies and any location subject to high foot traffic. Our products are used for interior floors and walls in residential and commercial applications.
Product Categories:
09300 Tile
09381 Stair Treads: Rubber, Stone + Tile
09400 Terrazzo
09600 Flooring
09620 Specialty, Athletic + Resin Flooring
09630 Stone Flooring + Facing
Commercial + Residential

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Brecciata and Petra

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