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Since 1927, Solutia’s Saflex® brand has led the industry as the world leader in PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) interlayer production. As a result, Saflex extends the frontiers of performance glazing for architects and designers creating designs that demand the highest level of technical efficiency. Combining creative solutions and technical performance, Saflex and Vanceva® brand PVB interlayers enable architects around the world to realize their boldest and most innovative architectural and interior designs, resulting in unique and exciting spaces.
Product Categories:
08050 Door + Window Materials
08400 Entrance Doors + Storefronts
08500 Windows
08800 Glass, Glazing, Films + Mirrors
08810 Blast Resistant + Protective Glazing
08812 Decorative Glazing + Stained Glass
08900 Glazed Curtain Wall
08960 Sloped Glazing Assemblies

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Brands / Products:
Saflex® PVB interlayers for safety, security, acoustic, UV and color laminated glazing applications

Vanceva® Color System by Saflex™ featuring more than 3,000 advanced colors for laminated glazing applications

New Products:
Saflex® SilentGlass Technology™: Advanced Acoustic PVB interlayer.
Vanceva® Absolute Black – 100% opaque interlayer for laminated glazing
Vanceva® Polar White – featuring 7% light transmission for laminated glazing applications
Saflex® SilentGlass Technology™: Advanced Acoustic PVB interlayer
Vanceva® Ocean Grey – A neutral color interlayer for laminated glazing
Saflex® Hurricane Solutions – designed to resist mother nature at her worst

Green Statement/Products:
Solutia is the world’s largest producer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers used in the manufacturing of laminated architectural glass. The use of laminated glass can significantly contribute to a building’s overall LEED™ certification in several of the key project list categories

Saflex® Sustainability Online Brochure


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