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Unit 210 27090 Gloucester Way 
Langley, BC V4W 3Y5

Tel : 866.626.0476
Fax: 604.626.0496
Contact: Robin Ruddock
John Jansen, President & CEO
Gerald Jansen, CFO

Wishbone Site Furnishings is a proud North American manufacturer raising the bar on innovation and design while maintaining practicality and functionality in site furnishings since 1995. We build exceptional products, provide incomparable service, and deliver outstanding value. Our products delight customers and users alike, not just when they are new, but even after many years of active service. Longevity and ease of maintenance are as important to our designs as style and uniqueness.
Product Categories:
02845 Bollards + Barriers
02870 Site Furnishings: Seating, Tables + Gazebos
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
06600 Plastic Lumber + Tubular Plastic
10155 Toilet Compartments
12520 Seating: Chairs, Benches + Stools
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture
16522 Landscape & Garden Lighting
Showrooms / Distributors:
Purchase Wishbone Products through our certified network of distributors. Please contact toll free at 866.626.0476 or visit:
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Brands / Products:
Recycled Plastic Boards, Perma-Deck Recycled Plastic Decking, Site Furnishings, Benda Board Landscape Edgers
Recycled Plastic Boards / Perma-Deck Recycled Plastic Decking
Site Furnishings
Qwica Interactive

New Products:
Selected benches with pedestals can be customized for branding several different ways.
City Scape Park Bench

Green Statement/Products:
We believe great products do not need to come at the expense of the environment. All Wishbone products are made from recycled or sustainable materials. We use 100% co-mingled recycled plastic planks, and our foundry produces aluminum castings that come from 100% recycled car and truck rims. At end of their life cycle, products can be recycled again.

Wishbone Sustainability


Product Installation Gallery
LED Lighting
Bike Racks
Picnic and Coffee Tables
Technical Links:
Technical Drawings
Memorial and Dedication Bench Program
Product Spec Sheets
About our Powder Coating

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