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A "magazine of architecture and technology" which publishes thematic issues. The publication is independent from any institution or professional group. a+t is free of advertising. Spain. Spanish / English. Trade. Semestral Spring / Autumn.
"The best-known and most widely distributed monthly magazine on architecture, interiors and design". ABITARE offers readers a way of interpreting architecture from an international viewpoint, with articles on homes, buildings, places and objects from around the world. Milan. Italian + English. Monthly. Trade.

For architecture, city and visual culture. Includes a detailed project dossier, a research section of different views and perspectives on a chosen theme, a briefing on innovations in construction, materials and concepts, and book reviews. The Netherlands. Dutch + English. Trade. 6X/Year.

Architectural Digest
Leading industry publication centers around the homes of the stylish and famous. Explores in depth the world's most prestigious homes, private retreats, sophisticated spaces and serene oases. Conde Nast. New York. English. Consumer. Monthly.
Architectural Record
Exclusive magazine of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Essential to the profession for more than 110 years, Architectural Record provides a compelling editorial mix of design ideas and trends. McGraw Hill. New York. English. Trade. Monthly.
Deliver intelligent coverage of architectural design, projects & products, industry news and trends, building technology, computing, practice issues and professional development. New York. English. Consumer. Monthly.
Official magazine of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA). Keeps professionals up to date with all the latest projects, award winning works, issues, events and industry politics. Each issue is an essential, illustrated report of current Australian architectural activity. Sydney. English. Trade. Bi-Monthly
An architectural journal that presents ideas, observations, and critiques of the built environment. Each month [or so] the staff will post a new series of articles and investigative projects submitted to the editors by writers, artists, and philosophers from around the world. New York. English. Trade. Monthly.
Magazine of design and building, providing news and features weekly on architecture and construction, digital media, and building culture with an independent perspective about good buildings and places, great design, quality craftsmanship, and the thoughts that make them real. Eugene, OR.
"The Finnish Architectural Review". Scandinavian publication covering the world of architecture since 1903. Includes: buildings, criticism, design, landscape, and art. Helsinki. Finnish + English. Trade. Monthly.
Thai based publication covering art, architecture, graphic design, interior architecture, and product design. Provides coverage of Thailand and other Asian countries. Bangkok. English + Thai. Trade. Monthly.
A magazine that defines the vanguard of contemporary architecture and design. Keeping you abreast of exciting new developments at home and abroad, it presents a truly international view of leading-edge designers and visionaries as they discover new materials and implement great design with innovative technologies.
Canadian Architect
For architects and related professionals practicing in Canada. The publication features significant architecture and design from across Canada, and articles on current practice, building technology, and social issues affecting architecture. Toronto, Canada. English. Trade. Monthly.
"For Architects, Artists, and Planners". Helping architects, artists, and planners stay informed about major competitions in architecture, landscape, and public art around the world. Past competitions are reviewed and new ones are announced in: architecture, public art and planning. Louisville, KY. English. Trade. Quarterly.
Contemporary Home Design
Introduced in response to demand from Contemporary architects and designers, developers and builders who wanted a magazine specifically catering to their market. Dedicated to providing readers with a comprehensive overview of contemporary design directions, in the upper end of the residential market. North Ryde, Australia. English. Consumer + Trade. Quarterly.
Contract Design Magazine
"Commercial Interior Design and Architecture", featuring news, articles, and product reviews for the commercial design industry. Emphasis is on corporate, retail, educational, hospitality, health care, entertainment, government, institutional, and performing arts. VNU. New York. English. Trade. Monthly.

High style Italian magazine provides in depth color features on architecture, communication, web art, home furnishing, and interior design. Milan. Italian + English. Trade + Consumer. Monthly.

"At home in the modern world" A design magazine focusing on modern life in it's many forms. Features include: dwellings, invention, labs, calandar, and travel. San Francisco. Consumer + Trade. English. Monthly.
Eco-Structure is dedicated to improving the environmental performance of the building envelope through education and design. This high-visibility publication offers its audience fresh horizons to explore and existing ones to revisit and rethink. Grayslake, IL. English. Quarterly.
Environmental Design + Construction
Published to help the environmentally minded architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer/owner enhance the sustainability of new and existing buildings. Highlights industry news, milestones, and green building projects to prepare industry leaders for better decision-making. Reports on new applications and continually evolving certification programs. Troy, MI. English. Trade. 9X/year.
Frame Magazine
Focuses on trade happenings, and cutting-edge corporate and public interiors. Special focus on retail, exhibition, hospitality and workplace design. News, products, shopping, links and events. The Netherlands. English. Trade. Bi-Monthly.
Harvard Design Magazine
Publication of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, the site features articles on architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design and planning. Cambridge, MA. English. Trade + Student. Bi-Annual.

Hinge Magazine
"Opening doors on the world of Architecture and Interiors" A dynamic and innovative approach to the disciplines of architecture and design, juxtaposing bold graphics and striking visuals with lively and informative editorial. Hong Kong. English. Trade. Monthly.

Info Link Architectural
Infolink profiles new and existing products in the design and building industry for architects, interior designers, builders, construction companies and local bodies. Australia. English. Trade. Quarterly.

Japan Architect
Publication focuses on Asian residential and commercial works. Includes announcements, conversations, and various project profiles. Tokyo. Japanese + English. Trade. Quarterly.
The publication, celebrating its 17th year in print, is one of the most prestigious magazines of international architecture and design. Its authoritativeness, objectivity and quality make it a benchmark for architects and designers worldwide. Milan. Italian + English. Trade. Monthly.
LA Architect
"The magazine of design in Southern California". Art, architecture, and design articles with a Southern California connection, including architecture, graphics, interiors, set design, landscape, and photography. Los Angeles. English. Trade. Monthly.
Living Architecture
"The only magazine with talent to present architecture as pure joy". Celebrating Scandinavian architecture and design. The magazine has photographic essays on a variety of design subjects, home furnishings, and the latest in architecture and classics. Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish + English. Trade. Quarterly.
Log is a journal of writing about contemporary architecture, cities, and the built environment, published by the Anyone Corporation. A forum for observations, speculations and ideas about all things current. English.Tri-annualy
Examines contemporary life through design--architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation. Subjects range from the sprawling urban environment, to intimate living spaces, to small objects of everyday use. New York. English. Trade + Consumer. Monthly.
Project Russia
Russia's leading journal on architecture and design; the only bi-lingual publication on this subject in Eastern Europe. Provides insight into developments in the built environment of today's Russia. Projects are placed in historical and theoretical context. Moscow. Russian + English. Trade. Quarterly.
Residential Architect
"Exclusively Housing". A magazine dedicated for architects who design homes. It offers editorial on marketing, presentation, products, technology and business management to 22,000 architects and designers. New York. English. Trade + Consumer. Monthly.
Texas Society of Architects
Magazine of the Texas Society of Architects. Features the latest in Texas architecture, from healthcare, to green architecture to recent Texas Society of Architects awards. Publisher of the recent "7 Interviews with Tadao Ando, by Michael Auping". Austin. English. Trade. Bi-Monthly.
The Architect's Journal
Now over 100 years old, the AJ is the world's only paid-for weekly architectural magazine. Its longevity and reputation is built on unparalleled coverage of Britain's best buildings. The "Specification" section provides 2,500 pages of product information. Part of ConstructionPlus. London. English. Trade. Weekly.
The Architectural Review
"The World's Favorite Architectural Magazine." Extensive coverage on new works, plus book reviews, current competitions, exhibitions, and events. Includes: views, commentary, theory, books and "delight". London. English. Trade. Monthly.
U.S. Architecture Magazine
"The Publication of Your Regional Architecture". Extensive profiles of projects in Florida and around the country. Many hotel properties featured. Florida. English. Trade. Monthly.
VIA Arquitectura
Review of international architecture, published by Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de la Comunidad Valenciana. One subject is profiled in each colorful and boldy illustrated issue, including: housing, writers, public spaces, indoor/outdoor, lighting and others. Spain. Spanish + English. Trade. 3X / Year.
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