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Dynamic Facades

The outer layer of the double-skin facade for the Design Hub at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Tech- nology (RMIT) consists of more than 16,000 individually mounted trans- lucent glass discs repeated on all four elevations of the eight-story building.

Architect, Sean Godsell

The repetition of cellular units has long interested the Design Hub's Melbourne-based architect, Sean God- sell, an alum of RMIT. In this case, selected groupings of the discs automatically pivot around a... more


Lead Architect >> Nikken Sekkei Ltd.


This project was inspired by the paradoxical idea of improving the environment through the presence of large-scale architecture. The Project is an office building for Sony's R&D department, which takes the form of a thin vertical plate to ensure good views. More importantly, the form minimizes the heat island effect by positioning its narrow... more nikken

Marina City Chicago, 1964



Fabric Skins Help Buildings

Architecture, says designer Filiz Klassen, is infatuated with "super materials" and gimmicks.

Harvesting wind

Instead of building for the gee-whiz factor, however, Klassen wants to build with new incarnations of existing materials that, as she says, "make visible the effects of the weather," and in addition also use the weather's energy for practical, but also beautiful, effects. To Klassen, the materials that we could use in our buildings would help to change architecture from a more... more

Harvesting water


New Product Showcase

Blanco America
For more than 85 years, BLANCO has been creating high-quality...
Morin metal wall systems offer profile selection, materials and color choice to meet your design requirements.
RTF Sod is so advanced from other fescue that it has a patent...

Pinta Acoustics
SONEX Rondo Baffles absorb sound across all frequencies, which in turn prevent noise build up that interferes with speech.

Mooreco has a host of new products including, security carts, workstations, tables, desks, chairs, and more.
BikeLid can prevent more than one ton of greenhouse gas from being emitted every year.
Boral Roofing
Tejas Espana Concrete Tile is designed to reflect the classic style of the early Southern California missions.
RockCraft Designs
RockCraft's boulders offer many ways to climb up and around...
A manual high density mobile system is used on the main floor of the Seattle public library for a gift shop.
Todd Valley Farms
We enable project teams to earn credits for LEED.
Kinetic Noise
Unique leaf spring design delivers exceptional noise control at annoying lower frequencies.

Headwaters Resources is the undisputed leader in supplying fly ash to the concrete industry.
Ultraseal, a waterproofing membrane, is ten times less permeable than traditional active waterproofing membranes.
Artistry in Architectural Grilles
The industry's choice for architectural grilles, linear bar grilles, perforated grilles, decorative grilles.
HySecurity gate operators meet the most stringent governmental, industrial, corporate & residential security.


Pedro Ramirez Vazquez

"To think of him as somebody who designed buildings is not to take account of all the roles he played. He wasn't the one constructing the models or sketching the drawings; he was the one securing the com- mission from the president."


Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, the architect led many of Mexico's landmark Modern- ist construction projects of the mid-20th century, including museums, the country's largest sports stadium and the shrine that attracts its most important religious... more Pedro

William Morris


"Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"


William Morris designed wallpaper, fabric and tile patterns, which have re- mained in production for over a century. Widely... more Morris Fan Club

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