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Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel

For the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, sited near a convention center on the highway to the city's airport, Jean Nouvel took on the challenge of making meaningful architecture out of

what Rem Koolhaas famously defined as "junkspace" - the anonymous, gen- eric sprawl that rings cities every- where. Nouvel's response was to use the concept of an oasis or refuge from the uninspiring surroundings as a design theme in both literal and figurative terms.... more



Staggered among boulders on a secluded hill in the wine-growing region of Valle de Guadalupe, these luxury cabins bring guests into direct contact with nature. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, the expansive views of the mountains and fertile wine-growing soils are given pride of place. Endemico, Spanish for endemic, meaning native to a specific region or environment, was designed to highlight the isolation of the desert, singling out the area's indigenous qualities... more



Axis Viana Hotel in Portugal

Portugal was presented with an hotel called Axis Viana Hotel, this building is proof that architecture and engin- nering can work together and create structures beyond the regular floor over floor system.

(c) Nelson Garrido

The contemporary project was de- signed by Jorge Albuquerque, from VHM, and is located in... more AXIS

(c) Nelson Garrido

New Product Showcase

Innovative Aluminum Systems Inc.
Taking your railing concepts to completion.
No other plastic comes close to Acrylite in terms of weather resistance, brilliance, transparency and hardness.
Glass Recycled Surfaces
The exclusive GALAXY design is the newest collection at GLASS RECYCLED that caters to multi-useĀ applications.

Greenstone Slate
Nu-lok installation lightweight, walk-able, genuine slate roof solution available with integrated solar panels.

Ecofusion Flooring
EcoFusion flooring products blend renewable and recyclable products.
Delta Performance Products
The Blue Concrete Color Lab creates colors like no other in the concrete industry.
DANVER is the leading provider of stainless steel cabinetry and amenities for outdoor living.
ODL decorative door glass, privacy glass, and clear door glass.
The industry's most diverse range of alternative-material mosaic tile.
Kalwall designed a custom Kalcurve translucent Skyroof for South BendAirport in South Bend, Indiana.
Birch Creek Millworks
Texturewoodvwas created in an effort to offer a new rustic...

Petersen Manufacturing Co.
Petersen precast site furnishings offer maximum durability...
Globus Cork
Cork inlays are offered in 36 inch lengths: Pre-assembled, pre-glued and pre-finished
With the Pie-Shaped Dura Bike Locker we've turned the corner in bicycle locker technology.
Dacor is cooking things up for the kitchen, and not just recipes. Take a look at our newest products.


Paul Williams

"If I allow the fact that I am a Negro to checkmate my will to do, now, I will inevitably form the habit of being defeated."


An American architect based in Los Angeles, Cal- ifornia. He practiced largely in Southern California and designed the homes of numerous celebrities, inclu- ding Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Lon Chaney, and Charles Cor- rell. He also designed many public and private... more

Gertrude Jekyll


"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies."

Gertrude Jekyll was one of the most influential garden designers of all time, whose

impact on the art of gar- dening is still evident around the world today. In all, Jekyll designed over 400 gardens, many in partnership with the emi- nent architect Edwin Lut- yens. more Ced Archives

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