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Summer in my cabin

Delta Shelter

This 1,000 square-foot weekend ca- bin, basically a steel box on stilts, can be completely shuttered when the owner is away.

Tom Kundig, Design Principal

Situated near a river in a floodplain, the 20'x 20' square footprint rises three stories and is topped by the living room/kitchen. Large, 10'x 18' steel shutters can... more Delta


Modern Morerava Eco Cabins

These modern Morerava Cabins on Easter Island offer a low-impact yet comfortable retreat on the remote island. They were conceived by AATA Associate Architects to provide environmentally-sensitive accommo- dation that harness simple design strategies paired with low-tech resource-efficient building. Incorpora- ting prefab building techniques with low water and energy needs, the cabins respect the island's cultural and environmental... more Morerava

AATA Associate Architects



A-frame Allandale House

Protruding like a jagged black rock in a wooded area of slender Birch trees, the Allandale House is a beautiful family vacation home that combines a dark triangular sharp-edged structure with a modern, crisp white interior.

The interior design of the house is pure and minimalist... more Wanken

Architect William O'Brien Jr

New Product Showcase

Yellow Mountain StoneWorks
Yellow Mountain Stoneworks delivered a cost effective solution to pave 17,000 square feet of waterfront park.
Belle Mead Hot Glass
Looking for a dramatic statement? Would you love to add a splash of floral color to your...
Maintenance building garage door protection. BC752BW

Fin Pan
ProTEC is a superior underlayment for interior and exterior applications providing a stable, long-lasting foundation.

La Cantina Doors
Quality and trouble-free operation. Seperating inside from out is a thing of the past.
AGC Glass Company North America
Krystal Images is simply the highest resolution, clearest custom-printed laminated glass available.
The soft close feature is built right into the hinge cup to allow doors to close silently every time.
Delray Lighting
Innovative & energy efficient retrofit and new construction commercial lighting fixtures.
ProGUARD wall panels provide an insulated wall system that installs faster than conventional building techniques.
Acme Brick
Applications include canopies, showers, skylights, windows, and walls.
The Chandler Company
Introducing Mona, an advanced, well proven subterranean irrigation system suitable for interior and exterior planting applications.

A NEW product training video for interceptors is now available on the MIFAB University YouTube website.
Kalamazoo Grill
Kalamazoo outdoor kitchens set the standard for design, performance and quality.
Flambeau Lighting
Flambeau unites sophisticated shapes and silhouettes with distressed finishes of gold and silver to create 21st Century antiques.
The Modern Fan
Ceiling fans keeping users comfortable and address the aesthetic requirements of design professionals.


Mark Fisher

"A rock show is a sort of tribal event in our culture"

Mark's work as a set de- signer and artistic director

has transformed the land- scape of rock concerts and large scale events over the last 25 years. Together with his practice Stufish, Mark created the groundbreaking designs for all the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and U2 tours for 2 decades.... more Bio Stufish DailyMail

Bernard "Buster" Vinick


"He really was one of the leading people in turning it into a profession."


Buster became one of the first professional Interior Designers to specialize in the institutional and com- mercial sector and became a leader in the field. He was the Founder and President of Bernard Vinick Asso- ciates, and also served as the President of The American Institute of Interior ... more Articles

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