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The ambition to erect the world's tallest building is as old as the ages, and like the pyramids or gothic cathedrals, Burj Dubai is an epoch-defining tower and an architectural and engineering marvel that tackles unprecedented challenges of design and construction.

The slender supertall represents the collective effort of ninety designers in the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP and a team of consulting companies. An army of construction workers from 3,000 to 6,800 men labor daily on the site - or work night hours, when daytime temperatures of 100-120 degrees become too... more Tallest Towers



Central Stadium for
Winter Olympics 2014

Developing a truly successful stadium design involves meeting a number of goals beyond simply creating a first class sporting arena. The list of additional demands for the main stadium for the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics includes a legacy, which includes participation in another global sporting event - the Fifa World Cup - and spearheading a drive for a level of sustainability not seen before in Russia. This building is intended to have three lives: an Olympic stadium, a winter home for the Russian national football team when temperatures in Moscow see the turf freeze, and a venue for the 2018 World... more Winter Olympics Sochi Stadium


10 Architectural Landmarks
To Visit

The Sagrada Familia Church.
Barcelona, Spain. Antoni Gaudi in 1882

"Architecture is not reserved for an elite in any sense," writes art historian and writer Philip Jodidio. "It is rather the substance from... more Travel

Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Built by Shah Jehan in 1648.

New Product Showcase

BK Lighting
Possibly the highest quality, most innovative, and fairly priced outdoor lighting fixtures available.
Vessel USA
Our hand crafted planters will carry a contemporary motif throughout your interior and exterior landscape design.
Martin Pierce
Cast using the lost wax method which allows us to achieve great detail and artistry in our work.

Architect Surfaces
FunderMax Exterior is a high-quality construction product that is available for cladding balconies and building facades.
Safe Path
Pre-assembled and dry-fitted before shipment, all EntryLevel Landings are designed to ensure a perfect fit every time.
The Best Panel Co.
To save up to 40% labor on your installation over typical thin brick field applications, Best Panel Co.
We continue to push the envelope in terms of exterior finishing materials and custom coating options.
Dynamic Closures
Designing new products that will streamline the installation process and be a joy to work with.
Fenzi North America has added to its line of IG air spacers, with the addition of Rolltech warmedge spacer products.
Adventure Playground Systems
The ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND SERIES systems are our flagship designs offering high quality, heavy use components.
Innovative glass
Electronically switchable LC Privacy Glass is ideal for state-of-the-art Boardrooms and Conference Rooms.

McNichols Co.
"McNICHOLS Halo Designer Wire Mesh A unique surface of circle mesh doubled in perfect unison. "
K2 Stone
The 2014 must have product for creating clean contemporary designs.
Aquarium Design
From your blueprints or our designs, Aquarium Design will create a beautiful self-contained aquatic life support system.

Gruppo Romi
Specialize in custom-made hardware in solid brass.


Frances Mendelson Tenenbaum
(1919 - 2013)

"Before Frances, the only garden writers known in Ame- rica were British," - Sara Hobel
Sara Hobel, director of the New York Horticultural Society

To appreciate the impact Frances Mendelson Tenen- baum has had on garden writing, and by extension

on gardening itself, con- sider that when the Garden Writers Association cited the 25 most significant garden books of the last 25 years, four were edited by Tenenbaum... more


Willis H. Ware

(1920 -2013)

"With so much available information around, we may encounter an invasion of privacy problem."

Willis H. Ware, an electrical engineer who in the late 1940s helped build a machine that would become a blueprint for computer design in the 20th century, and who later played an

important role in defining the importance of personal privacy in the information age, died on Nov. 22 at his home in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 93. His death was confirmed by his family. Mr. Ware’s partici- pation in a classified World War II project to identify friendly aircraft... more

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