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Apple's 'spaceship' campus

(CNN) -- At this point, there's a good chance you've seen pictures of Apple's proposed new headquarters - a 2.8-million-square-foot spaceship parked in a verdant man-made forest in the northeast corner of Cupertino.

Since the first dozen or so renderings trickled out in 2011, however, we haven't gotten a much better sense of what all the new campus will entail or what it will be like to work there. Until now. Apple may be known for its secrecy, but buried in Cupertino's municipal archive... more Mac Rumors



Google's New Green Campus

Google has been going strong, investing in a number of cutting edge green initiatives. With their team growing as quickly as their insatiable taste for innovation, the search engine powerhouse has outgrown the Googleplex and are ready to move on up to a brand new 10-acre campus in Mountain View, California. So who is the lucky architecture firm that gets to take home this amazing commission? It appears to be a meeting of the minds, or at least size, as Google has hired Ingenhoven, one of Germany's biggest... more Biz Journals


New Headquarters for Facebook

"Things have changed for the company faster and for the better. What began as Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook on the Harvard University campus, to connect with fellow university students in 2003 is now the largest social networking site. Facebook is also one of the most talked about company- its platform is used for running political campaigns, selling products, creating brand image and generating... more

New Product Showcase

Albertini / Apexfine
Maximized visibility and minimized frame are the components of Albertini's newest sliding glass system; APEXFINE.
Translucent Concrete Stains can be used to highlight the natural variations in concrete and masonry surfaces.
BK Barrit
Over 2000 Seats available here! Wood, metal, upholstered seating & chairs. for all applications

Davis Colors
Davis Colors mix into fresh concrete for a permanent, durable and natural color finish.
The new Viewshare Technology - The most comprehensive line of projection screens in the world.
Kidstruction offers a variety of integral sun shades for playgrounds and more! Choose the amount of shade that is right for you
This exciting new material, TXTR-LITE, is a lightweight, flexible, colorful and unique stone veneer with unlimited applications.
Schweiss Doors
Unique doors for Greenhouse, Restaurant windows, Outdoor entertainment stages, Crane doors, Hangars
Capri Cork
"Eco-Clicks Linoleum Floating Floor. natural, quiet, durable, antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, antistatic and easy to...
The closer you look the better we are. Possibly the best wood window ever made.
BRP by Bison
BRP by bison's Lollipop colors are fun & vibrant, adding a hint of whimsy to any streetscape.

Well crafted residential and commercial overhead carraige house doors, custom architectural.doors
Alucobond naturAL expanded with Zinc, Rusted Metal, Graphite and Stainless
The Rizza Expansion Joint Systems from Balco Inc, are designed to withstand multi-directional movement caused by wind,
Kenyon International
Largest manufacturer of two burner ceramic glass cooktops & high quality stainless steel electric grills.


Felix Candela Outerino
(1910 - 1997)

"I consolidated my reputation as one of the indisputable leaders in the specialty that I had chosen and as a good builder"

A Spanish architect known for his significant role in the development of Mexican architecture and structural engineering. Candela's major contribution to architecture was the development of thin shells made out of reinforced concrete... more Candela


Dan Kiley

(1912 -2004)

"link the human and the natural in such a way as to recall our fundamental place in the scheme of things"

Dan Kiley was a seminal landscape architect who combined modernist func-

tionalism with classical design principles in more than 1,000 projects. Mr. Kiley's innovations included taking classical forms like hedges and allees and arranging them in un- expected... more

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