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World Building of the Year

The 2013 World Building of the PYear is Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand designed, by Australian architect FJMT with New Zealand practice Archimedia. Paul Finch, director of the World Architecture Festival explained why the museum had beaten a very strong field.

It transcended various category types,' he said. 'It explores the relationship between new and old, it is a civic and community building, it is a display building, it engages with the difference between man-made and natural, it deals with art and science, and it is certainly about... more



Vertical greenhouse to bring farming to the cities

The concept of vertical farming is not something new, but we still seem to be a bit lethargic in adopting this practice. The Clepsydra Urban Farming tries to incorporate the features of modern greenhouse and self-sufficiency into the modern city life. The designers of this new vertical greenhouse wish to do so by providing an option of attaching the Clepsydra to an already existing residential building or a... more


The Magnificient Victoria Tower

Wrapped entirely in a cloak of glass, Victoria Tower stands like a lighthouse along the road between downtown Stockholm and the city airport. The 117,6-meter tower is a landmark for the Kista IT office park and for the conference center at the base of the tower and a manifestation of the area's high-tech profile. The parallelepiped form of the tower is topped by a rectangular cuboid, so that the upper floors... more

New Product Showcase

Miami Awning
Architectural awnings: Freestanding Canopies, Fabricated Structures and Tensile Structure Canopy Structures.
Ortal USA
ORTAL has more than 60 models, the largest selection of quality modern fireplaces in North America.
Houdini is a new decorative architectural glass delivering the benefits of both privacy and daylight.

Chase Doors
Chase Impact Double Acting Traffic Doors are tailored to suit many markets; super- market, retail, institutional, and more.
Besam SL500 EcoDoor includes features to save energy for your facility and increase customer comfort.
IMC Imports
Georgetown Slate is Import Merchandising Concepts premier roofing slate line with 10 colors to choose from.
Bird B Gone
Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are an effective, humane solution for deterring large birds from landing in unwanted areas.
Impact Recovery Systems
The SlowStop Flexible Bollards are a revolutionary energy absorbing dynamic collision shield.
ArmorCore bullet resistant fiberglass panels deliver superior security against bullets and blast fragments.
California Closets
Exceptional designs for every room. Custom designed and manufactured locally. Wide range of stunning finishes and design accents.
Carnegie Fabrics
Design textiles/wallcovering that reflect the creative spirit of the world's leading interior designers and architects.

Murus Jumbo EPS or NEOPOR core Structural Insulated Panels.
GatorSeal HT Underlayment is used with tile & metal roofing.
VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems
VERSA-LOK provides the best value in segmental retaining wall solutions for everything.
a combination of leather with natural grass fiber fabrics (ie. Windochine abaca fabric) in custom shade installations.


Madeline Arakawa Gins
(1941 - 2014)

"Isolating persons from their architectural surrounds leads to a dualism no less pernicious than that of mind and body"

With her husband, with whom she collaborated for nearly half a century , Ms. Gins practiced an idio- syncratic and highly

syncratic and highly per- sonal brand of art that sought to deploy archi- tecture in the service of large essential questions about the nature of being. The couple's vision, as articulated in their pu- blished writings and their buildings was beyond Utopian... more Art Info


Larry Packard

(1913 -2014)

"I want you to come back. . . . I want you to have fun."

Larry Packard designed over 250 golf cources. Packard was proud to design courses for the common man, but with an aesthetic flair. He typically made the first five holes of

his courses among the easiest of each routing so that players could ease their way into their rounds. “He represented the average golfer rather than being worried about the low handicapper, Dick Phelps, a retired architect and long- time friend of Packard's, told Golfweek last year... more Golf

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