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21st Century Plug-in Housing

Y Design Office

Under rapid housing developments in the past years, Hong Kong has benefited much in terms of economy. However, important values such as value in sense of community and individual identity were lost. This thesis hereby critically reviews current and past housing projects in Hong Kong and stating the notion of verticality as the only solution.

The ambition is a new alternative high-rise residential typology, in which its inhabitants are given unique units and allocations in accordance to specific zoning strategy within a tower structure, thus creating a phenomenal living experience through... more


Personalised "bubbles of heat" could replace inefficient central heating

"If you think about it, we waste a huge amount of energy to heat up buildings even when they are empty or if there are very few people in there," says Ratti, whose Local Warming project is on show at Rem Koolhaas' Elements exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

"The idea was, what about concentrating heat just on people? To create almost like a bubble of heat around ourselves." He claims: "When you look at places with not many people, or places where occupancy changes over time, you could actually get almost one order of magnitude more efficiency with this kind of heating." Ratti's Local Warming System, which he developed with MIT's Senseable City Lab, consists of infrared lamps mounted on the ceiling, which tilt and rotate to focus beams of radiation onto people as they pass underneath... more


Piling Them High: Why Architects Are Rediscovering the Humble Brick

Bricks in contemporary architecture may well be saddled with a reputation for retrograde traditionalism after all, the oldest discovered bricks date from
before 7500 BC.

LSE’s students’ union

For some, they conjure up images of architecturally unimaginative housing estates, but today, many       forward-looking architects can’t get enough of... more

ABC Building in Seoul


New Product Showcase

Kalwall Translucent Systems
Kalwall® is a well-proven, high-performance, translucent fenestration system with energy-efficient performance that surpasses all other existing technologiesM

Innovative design, steadfast quality, minimal maintenance, and evolving technology are what King Luminaire prides itself on.

Everite Door Company
3Each door is meticulously crafted to the highest standards using only the best materials.

Carter Millworks
FLEX TRIM Imagine, an architectural molding that flexes to fit radius contours and shapes.
New Concept Louvers
New Concept Louvers Inc. manufactures Cupolas, Louvers, Shutters, Exterior Crown Molding, Door Jamb Wraps, Dormer Vents, Flashing, etc.

Scranton Products
Scranton Products brands feature the most durable, low maintenance and best looking partitions, lockers and industrial sheet products in the industry.
Delray Lighting
Delray Lighting Inc. products feature CFL, T5/T5HO T8, LED, and CMH light sources in energy-efficient luminaires.
Wishbone Industries is a producer of quality outdoor site furniture made from durable recycled materials.

Pine Hall Brick
Our StormPave permeable clay pavers, used in permeable pavement systems, help to preserve natural stormwater infiltration.

Nova Polymers
Nova Polymers is the global leader in the development of materials and processing equipment for the fabrication of Accessible and ADA complaint signage.
GAF’s Cobra Hip Vent – ventilation solution for difficult to vent hip roof homes.

Rixon- Norton Door Controls
Norton® offers traditional surface, industrial economy, overhead concealed, commercial and architectural grade closers.

SInfinity Drain
Since 2007 Infinity Drain has established a reputation for design-centric, premium-quality decorative shower drains.
Innovative Aluminum Systems
Enhance breathtaking views with the Infinity topless glass railing system.
Unique Spiral Stairs
Our craft stands up to the most demanding install.

Innovators - a look back


Mildred Friedman
(1929 - 2014)
Mr. Friedman, who is the Walker’s director emeritus, said of his wife: "There was nobody like her, espe- cially among women. She was an inspiration to a whole generation."

Mildred Friedman and Frank Gehry in 1986. Walker Art Center Archives


“Tokyo: Form and Spirit,” organized by Ms. Friedman and her husband, Martin, at the Walker

Mildred Friedman, was a curator at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in the 1970s and ’80s who helped both the museum and the contemporary design and architecture it celebrated become objects of international acclaim, died on Sept. 3 in Manhattan... more


Deborah Sussman
(1931 - 2014)

Profiling her for The New York Times in 1986, Patricia Leigh Brown wrote, "Perhaps the first thing one notices is the graphic design of Ms. Sussman herself."

Deborah Sussman brought graphics into the third dimension, applying visual icons to buildings. Credit Laure Joliet - The NY Times.



Ray Eames and Deborah

Deborah Sussman, a pioneer of envi- ronmental graphics who lifted colors, shapes and visual icons off the printed page and applied them to buildings, campuses and cityscapes, including the simulated ones of Disney World and Disneyland Paris, died... more... more

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