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London's latest canal bridge like the opening and closing of a fan

Photos by Edmund Sumner

British firm Knight Architects and structural engineers AKT II have completed a moving footbridge in Paddington, London, that opens and closes like the blades of a traditional hand-held fan.

Opening in sequence, the bridge's five beams rise to different angles to create a fan-like effect. The first rises to 70 degrees, while the last lifts high enough to create a clearance space of two and a half metres over the surface of the canal... more


Zumtobel Group Award 2014 - Arup photo-bioreactor façade system

Cultivating microalgae in flat panel photobioreactors requires no additional land-use and is largely independent from weather conditions. Photo: Colt, SSC, Arup

The façade system was developed by Arup Deutschland in collaboration with SSC Strategic Science Consult GmbH and Colt... more Arup

Vertical glass panels of the bioreactive façade are filled with water containing nutrients. Photo: Colt, SSC, Arup


Portable Car Charging Pavilion

After months of design refinement and engineering, Synthesis Design + Architecture (SDA), winners of the “Switch to Pure Volvo” architecture competition, have launched a free-standing mobile pavilion capable of harnessing solar energy to power the new Volvo V60, the world’s first diesel plug-in hybrid car.

Image by SDA

The ‘Pure Tension’ Pavilion was birthed by SDA’s extensive research on dynamic mesh relax... more


New Product Showcase

Feeney has pioneered industry leading-leading cable rail systems and other architectural and rigging products.

Victor Stanley
The Perenne collection features clean lines, natural proportions, and slim profiles.

Acoustical Surfaces
Solving soundproofing, noise control, acoustical and vibration problems for over 25 years.

Dreamscape Lighting
Providing cutting edge lighting fixtures to the architectural, interior design, and landscape industries.
Belden Brick
We are prepared to offer you brick design and production services customized to your exact needs.
Hager Companies
Hager overhead door holders and stops have been designed and engineered with an adjustable arm.
Invisible Structures
Our newest product is quick and easy to use. And now, there's a project estimator that's quick and easy.
Lucky Climbers
Luckey Climbers occupy a unique place in the world of Children's play structures.

Get Automatic Lifetime Protection On Your Timberline® & Designer Shingles and Your Entire GAF Roofing System!

PAC International
World leader in Noise Control Solutions and is an environmentally friendly company.
Greenstone Slate
A leader in roofing slate nationwide for residential and institutional slate roofing projects.

Putnam Rolling Ladders
Great for homes, libraries, offices, stores and lofts; each ladder is custom made to your specifications.

McGrory Glass
A wide assortment of both domestic & imported decorative, patterned, laminated and radiation shielding glass.
Pittsburg Corning
Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels are aesthetically pleasing and functionally smart.
Symmetry Elevating Solutions
Industry leading Wheelchair Lifts, Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators, and Residential Elevators.

Innovators - a look back


Massimo Morozzi
(1941 - 2014)
"Design is not just about functionality: it's about concepts, getting a reaction, not following trends, following your own heart."


Morozzi co-founded Archizoom in 1966 together with artist Andrea Branzi and architects Gilberto Corretti and Paolo Deganello. Together with studios UFO and Superstudio, the founders became known as the "Italian Radicals"... more


Betty Sherrill
(1923 - 2014)

"I got my foot in the door and I never took it out"



As McMillen president starting in 1972, and later chairman, Sherrill oversaw interior design for a roster of clients that included titans of industry, celebrities and families of wealth. Among them were Laurance and Mary Rockefeller, CBS Inc. Chairman... more Favorites

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