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The Coolest New Buildings On The Planet, According To Architecture Fans

Bao'an International Airport, China, Studio Fuksas and Knippers Helbig

Online architecture database Architizer announced the winners of their 2nd Annual A+ Awards for the most incredible new architecture around the globe today.

BEST HOTEL & RESORT (Popular): Baan Suan Mook Resort, Thailand, SOOK ARCHITECTS

The result was a total of 129 winners in more than 60 categories. Some of the categories included best museums, memorials, and government buildings, as well as concepts for best interior designs and products. All entries were built or conceived in the last... more


Animal-Only Bridges

Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

There’s been a lot of talk down by the pond recently about travel inequality amongst the species these days, that is, humans keep branching out and expanding their means to travel, such as building major highways, and by doing so inadvertently create limitations on the

Woeste Hoeve, Netherlands

potential for safe travel amongst most other land dwelling animal species. IT AIN’T FAY-ERRR. I hear you Mr. Skunk and I am on your side. Luckily things are about to get better... more


The Boss With No Office

When we imagine a powerful CEO, we typically picture a secluded corner office large enough to fly a kite in, with thick wood paneling, plush pile carpets, and a gatekeeping assistant—all designed to dampen the intrusion of any exterior stimuli. But a newer... more

The Open-Office Trap

The open office was originally conceived by a team from Hamburg, Germany, in the nineteen-fifties, to facilitate communication and idea flow. But a growing body of evidence suggests that the open office undermines the very things that it was designed to achieve... more

New Product Showcase

Eclipse Architectural
No fixed glass panels and no mullions or posts. Just wide open space. All this is possible today!

Major Skylights
Quality &time proven custom skylights and translucent wall systems for every design and budget
Some designs are made to make a statement. To be bold. To demand attention. To get you noticed. That’s where we come in.

Vertical Planting Systems blends engineering ingenuity with striking design. A memorable oasis; a one-of-a-kind living, breathing greenwall.
Maglin Site Furniture
State-of-the-art technology combined with time-honored production methods create stunning products.
The most durable and secure Class 1 bicycle storage in the marketplace.
Stretch Ceiling Systems provide the architectural, acoustical, and lighting communities with technically advanced ceiling systems.
Custom fiberglass table tennis tables for homes, offices, rec centers, and outdoor venues.

rFoil insulation utilizes reflective technology that requires an airspace facing one foil side of the product.

Sign source specializing in over 3,500 eco-friendly LED-illuminated traffic-control signs and signals.
Versatile operable partitions to architecturally-striking glass wall systems. Delivering long-standing quality.

Bring indoor comfort to an outdoor living space. Whether dining alfresco, hosting a courtyard party

Handy Deck
Extensive interlocking deck tiles: wood, composite wood, granite, sandstone, slate and porcelain.

Palmer Fixture Company
iStorm2 High Speed Hand Dryer – Elegant, Stylish, Efficient & Hygienic.
A Combination of modern elegance and durability, Palazzo is an extraordinary hardscape solution for your next development.

Innovators - a look back


William J. Ronan
(1913 - 2014)
"We’re making up for 30 years
of do-nothingism in mass transportation"


William J. Ronan, the architect and first chairman of the Metropolitan Transpor- tation Authority and one of the most powerful officials in the modern history of New York State, died on Wednesday at his home in West Palm Beach, Fla. He was 101. His death was confirmed by his daughter Diana Ronan... more


Harry Hinson
(1938 - 2014)

"And an understanding that designs must adapt to the way we live"



A pillar of the design industry, symbolizes the fading of a supremely influential generation. Known for his fine, hand-screened wallpapers and coordinating woven fabrics inspired by historical patterns, Hinson... more

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