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Far Out!

The International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Earth orbit. It is a modular structure whose first component was launched in 1998. Now the largest artificial body

in orbit,The station has been continuously occupied for 14 years and 29 days, since the arrival of Expedition 1 on 2 November 2000. This is the longest continuous human presence in space, having surpassed the previous record of 9 years and 357 days held... more


The science station that can go skiing!

The British Antarctic Survey

It looks like a spaceship from the Star Wars universe which has crash-landed on a frozen planet. But this futuristic-looking facility on skis, which opens 100 years after Robert Scott's iconic expedition to Antarctica, is actually the £25.8 million future of cutting-edge research on the frozen continent. It is the world's first 

movable research centre designed specifically to be towed around to avoid it being buried under snow in the unforgiving region... more Video 1 Video 2


Luxury Living off the grid and far away

Refuge du Goûter by Group-H

Standing 12,582 feet above sea level, the Refuge du Goûter is a magnificent Alpine refuge by Group-H. Powered by the sun and wind, the stylish... more

Floating Hotel by Sigge Architects

Invisioned for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, this luxurious floating hotel is Sigge Architects' creation. Off-grid, stylish and curvaceous, it was designed as an alternative accommodation for soccer... more

New Product Showcase

The leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum building products and systems for the commercial construction industry.

Noble Company
Noble Company is a member of the USGBC, and has products that contribute to LEED points for commercial and residential projects.
212 Concepts
212Concept offers tasteful, colorful and vibrant designer chairs, furniture and accessories directly from their origins.

American Bicycle
The Premier Manufacture of Bicycle Lockers and supplier of related equipment, produced with a variety of materials.

We offer a broad range of low-e coated glass, decorative interior glass, and fire rated glass and framing systems.
Appian Way
The AWS™ Pedestal System is an interlocking pedestal support used to level pavers and other natural products.
Energy Panel Structure
Pre-engineered building components designed for post frame construction, structural insulated panels and refrigerated and freezer structures.

C.R. Laurence
We design, engineer, and manufacture a wide variety of architectural hardware, including commercial and residential railings.

Duraflex is an interlocking premium fitness flooring system that is durable, functional and attractive.

MP Global
Our underlayment products are making the world a quieter and warmer place to live, one room at a time.
Old Fashion Milk
In 1974 The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company revived an ancient formula for genuine, organic milk paint.

Keystone Ridge
Standing firm on two strong pedestal legs of cast aluminum, with either steel slats or the rich warmth of Ipe hardwood slats.

The right sealant choice for the North American insulated glass manufacturing industry.

Safti First
A leading USA manufacturer of fire rated glass and framing systems, and the preferred choice of architects.
Our new Michael Rizza Company™ Premium Silicone Systems with over 25 years of successful installations of Silicone products.

Innovators - a look back


Paul Katz
(1957 - 2014)
"Paul could play more than one position,” Eugene Kohn, chairman of KPF"


Paul Katz, who as president and man- aging principal of one of the world’s leading architectural firms, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, was the mastermind of many of its major pro- jects in Japan, Shanghai, London and New York, died on Nov. 20 in Manhattan... more Paul Katz


Judith Edelman
(1923 - 2014)

"Clearly demonstrate that the alleged grievances are not all in the heads of some paranoid chicks."



At the 1974 national convention of the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco, Judith Edelman presented data showing that 1.2 percent of registered architects in the United States were women. Only coal miners and steelworkers, she suggested... more Judith Edelman

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