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Cutting-edge Religious Architecture

As we move further into the modern world, so do our religious and spiritual monuments. We take a closer look at the projects that are at the forefront of religious 

Residencial Capela Joá, Brazil by Bernardes Arquitetura.
Completed 2014

architecture. As though suspended from the trees of the affluent Joá neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, the chapel’s rectangular glass structure emanates a mystical orange glow... more

Knarvik Community Church, Norway by Reiulf Ramstad         Arkitekter. Completed 2014


Canadian Solar On The Way

Canada is among the top 10 countries of the world when it comes to the amount of solar installed, the planned and operational solar farms will contribute only about 1 per cent of Ontario’s power.

Still, combined with other renewables such as wind, it is helping the province to wean itself away from fossil fuels, and close its coal-fired power plants... more


Tornado Shaped Tower Proposed

Known as the Oklahoma Weather Museum & Research Center, the building could also include a training centre for storm chasers – researchers who follow tornados – as well as a broadcast station and cameras for local TV channels and weather reporters.

The exterior would be a mixture of glass and perforated metal, and the planted roof is envisioned as a garden of native Oklahoma grasses and plants... more

New Product Showcase

Headwaters Resources
The nation’s preeminent manager and marketer of CCPs - Coal Ash. Operating nationwide.

Davis Colors
A leading U.S. producer of mix-in color additives for portland cement-based concrete paving, concrete products and structures.  

T2 Site Amenities
The widest range of styles for upscale recyclers, benches, planters, bike racks, and meeting room products.

The Beacon Hill Collection showcases sustainable style and contemporary accents.

Grabill Windows & Doors
Grabill Windows and Doors manufactures custom architectural windows to exact specifications.
Delta Performance
BlueConcrete™ specializes in custom color blends for concrete that can match virtually any color in the spectrum.

Charles Petersen Flooring
Custom hand crafted for each individual client. We select each log from the forest; we saw them “in-house” .

High security locking and access control utilizing the latest in computerized robotics

A complete line of distinct, durable, contemporary commercial furniture – indoors and outdoors!

Pine Hall Brick
Made to last and maintain their rich, deep color for centuries, Pine Hall Brick products are the definition of sustainability.
Imaging Sciences
Imagine Glass is remarkable architectural glass comprised of a decorative printed film interlayer laminated between two or more panels of glass.

The groundbreaking SkyVault Series gives you ultimate daylighting control. By mixing and matching components.  

Winandy Green House Company
For more than 75 years, providing the highest quality and most reliable greenhouses.

Redland Brick
Clean lines, modernThe ‘4.9 Series’ brick from Redland Brick’s Rocky Ridge Plant finishing, and ergonomic comfort. This collection features several bench options.

Specialized products for water proofing, crack suppression, sound proofing, floor warming, as well as adhesives, mortars, grouts, and caulk.   

Innovators - a look back


Michael Graves
(1935 - 2015)
"The floor-to-ceiling height is low because of the budget, not the architect"

Michael Graves, one of the most prominent and prolific American architects of the latter 20th century, designed more than 350 buildings


around the world but was perhaps best known for his teakettle and... more


Frei Otto  
(1925 - 2015)

"The computer can only calculate what is already conceptually inside of it; you can only find what you look for in computers. Nevertheless, you can find what you haven’t searched for with free experimentation."


In an announcement abruptly moved up after his death, the German architect Frei Otto on Tuesday was named the winner of the Pritzker Prize in recognition of his airy tentlike structures and other inventive feats of engineering... more Pritzker

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