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Architectural Glass Pavilions

New Corning Museum of Glass
Invites the Light

The first thing the architect Thomas Phifer did after being awarded the commission for the Corning Museum of Glass’s new 100,000-square-foot Contemporary Art + Design Wing here was to go back to his downtown Manhattan office and take an Alvar Aalto vase out on Varick Street... more


Celebrating History, Inspiring
What's Ahead

SC Johnson’s innovative Fortaleza Hall, named for the city in northeast Brazil that was at the heart of two life-changing expeditions by the Johnson family, represents a commitment to the company’s legacy of visionary thinking and inspired architecture... more


Zamora Offices / Alberto Campo Baeza

Within the stone box, a glass box, only glass.  Like a greenhouse. With a double facade similar to a Trombe wall. The external skin of the facade is made of glass,

each single sheet measuring 600x300x1,2 and all joined together simply with structural silicone and hardly anything else. As if entirely made... more Detail

New Product Showcase

Eldorado Stone
Nationwide profiles are among our most popular stones and are available throughout North America, transcending geography.

Snowsound’s patented composition of 100% recyclable, variable density polyester significantly optimizes room acoustics.

Acme Brick
When architects design buildings "of consequence," they turn to Acme Brick.

Excel Dryer
Manufacturing the finest American-made hand dryers for over 50 years. 

Wausau Tile
Wausau Made is the nation's trusted provider of durable concrete, metal and plastic site furnishings.
Kinetics Noise Control
The largest selection of innovative products to address vibration, noise control & room acoustics.

Clarus Glass Board
The leading designer of innovative glass dry erase boards and architectural systems.

Specializes in bollards, bollard covers and other innovative products that help protect vehicles, properties and facilities.

WhiteWater West
The original Waterpark & Attractions Company has become the global leader in creating complete waterpark solutions.

AS Hanging Systems
Our fittings mount objects to walls without the typical holes and damage caused by common hardware. Sustainability! 
Flooring products that blend renewable and recyclable products from the earth and “fuse” them into innovative flooring solutions.

Leading manufacturer of window shades, projection screens, lifts and mounts for projectors and plasma displays.  

Products that offer a completely different approach to moisture management and air space maintenance in masonry designs.

Innovative Glass
Providing Dynamic Glass & SmartGlass Solutions to the world since 2003, using our proprietary eGlass products.

An advanced generation of turf-type tall fescue which produces rhizomes that penetrates laterally through the soil.   

Innovators - a look back


Kenji Ekuan
(1930 - 2015)
"The existence of tangible things is important. It's evidence that we're here as human beings."


As with many elite industrial designers, you know his work even if you don't know his name. Decades after Kenji Ekuan created Kikkoman's iconic soy sauce bottles with their red caps, he designed Japan's Komachi bullet train, in a career driven by a desire to make good design accessible to... more


Fred Hollingsworth  
(1917 - 2015)

"He did all his own drawing and was not an executive-type architect, but a real working man’s architect."

The North Shore has lost a modern master. Fred Thornton Hollingsworth, the architect who helped pioneer West


Coast modernism and shaped the post-war look of residential North Vancouver, died April 10 at the age of 98. Hollingsworth leaves a legacy both philosophical and physical. Many of the homes he designed are still standing, including the residence in Edgemont Village he designed for his family in 1946. It’s where... more vancouversun

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