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Small Town- Big City Hall

Legat Architects, Illinois

Waukegan City Hall

The 61,200-square-foot Waukegan City Hall signals the reemergence of a city that is undergoing a positive economic change.Brick reflects the material of surrounding buildings. The triangular shape of the

Legat Architects, Illinois

envelope distinguishes the City Hall. A hovering, glass-enclosed council chambers gives residents a view of their representatives in action. An outdoor plaza lined by steps functions as a space for community... more


Redmond City Hall

MulvannyG2 Architecture

The Redmond City Hall building is the largest public works project ever undertaken in the City’s history. In order to ease the financial burden that such a project would impose, Wright Runstad & Company and the City agreed upon a public / private funding mechanism which has become increasingly... more Redmond

MulvannyG2 Architecture


New City Hall, Spain 

The project, officially called “Rehabilitation of the Minor School for Cultural Centre and new headquarters of Archidona City Hall”. It is located in the Plaza

Archidona, Andalusia, Spain
Ramón Fernández-Alonso y Asociados

Ochavada and San José Street, and it combines two different types of intervention, rehabilitation and... more


New Product Showcase

Lawrence Fabric Structures
The premier manufacturer of fabric and all-metal awnings & canopies, fabric and metal exhibit components.

American Energy Systems
Manufacturer of the internationally recognized MagnuM and Country Flame line of Wood Pellet, Corn/Flex-fuel burning Stoves & Fireplaces.

AS Hanging Systems
Our fittings mount objects to walls without the typical holes and damage caused by common hardware.

Boral Roofing
Boral Roofing is introducing the Gemstone Collection to the California market.
A full line of security glass, flat glass, and bent glass laminates to meet all architectural and government specifications.

Leader in manufacturing of attic ventilation products for all types of roof and specialty applications.

Scranton Products
The most durable, low maintenance and best looking partitions, lockers and industrial sheet products in the industry. 
Todd Valley Farms
Specializing in low water use sod, seed and plugs, we offer our customers a truly environmentally “GREEN” solution.

Trinity Hammocks
Founded from a passion for travel by Gilbert Tourville, Trinity Hammocks turn hammocking into a sharing and social experience rather than a solitary one.

Glass Insulation specializes in the development and manufacturing of thermal insulation components for insulating glass frames.
North America’s oldest interlocking concrete paver producer association. Our manufacturers offer unsurpassed technical and design expertise.

Western Pacific Storage
Premier supplier and manufacturer of industrial shelving, steel shelving, retail shelving, commercial shelving and work platforms.
Leading manufacturer of sustainable modified bitumen roofing systems in the US since 1979.

North America’s leader in commercial spray foam insulation. Open and closed-cell solutions deliver impressive energy efficiency.

Tile Tech Pavers
IPE Deck Tiles are designed for constructing raised wood decks over exterior surfaces such as rooftops, terraces and plazas, in both residential & commercial.

Innovators - a look back


Oscar Holderer
(1919 - 2015)
"He was one of the more hands-on members of the team. He had his own machine shop here in town as
a hobby."

Oscar Carl Holderer, was the last known survivor of a top German engineering


team brought to the US in 1945,He helped design the Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the moon.... more


Henriette Suhr  
(1917 - 2015)

"We never made a design, It just grew this way."

Henriette Granville Suhr, a self-taught gardener whose home Rocky Hills became one of the most glorious gardens north of New York City.


“Henriette Granville Suhr set the Town’s standard for energetic community engagement with more than forty years of gracious persistence and civic leadership in the pursuit of responsible environmental practices,” said New Castle Town” Supervisor Rob Greenstein in the weekly newsletter.... more NY Times

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