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UpLift - Parking becomes Housing

New York City is undergoing a cultural shift away from the automobile, and designers Lawrence Zeroth, Jack Phillips, Brian Schulman and Eugene Lubomir have come up with a clever proposal to transform car lifts into housing pods. Space is at a premium in NYC, and

the UpLIFT proposal would ensure that empty parking spaces don’t go unused. The prefabricated panels are made from recycled materials and can be configured to take advantage of the site’s solar access, through drafts and opportunities for rainwater collection. Read more: UpLIFT Creates a Home out of a Parking Space Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation...more


Modular Honeycomb Pods

Your next festival experience could be a little more comfortable if the B-And-Bee concept takes flight. Belgian design group Achilles Design wants to provide a little comfort and privacy to concert-goers... more


This Pod Apartment of 1972  

FEW CITIES EVOKE ideas of the future like Tokyo. When the Nakagin Capsule Tower was built in 1972, it was supposed to mark the Dawn of the Capsule Age.

At the time, Japan was preparing for explosive growth fueled by a new economy built on technology and manufacturing. A group of architects from the so-called Metabolism school of architecture, championed by the tower’s architect Kisho Kurokawa, believed new structures should be made to grow and adapt organically with the society they served... more


New Product Showcase

One of the world’s leading producers of fabric architecture.

Pacific Architectural Millwork
Committed to producing an environmentally-friendly product- beautiful and helps you achieve your energy-efficiency goals.

Works directly with architects & contractors to produce streamlined wall panel systems, column covers, canopies and cornices.

Chemistry for sustainable construction through our recently launched Master Builders Solutions brand.
QuaD Hi-Density Bike Rack - Minimal moving parts increase access aisles with less maintenance or liability concerns.

Stevens Industries
For more than 50 years - a full-line manufacturer of quality laminated products, from panels to furniture and cabinets.

Tiger Foam
Quick curing, recyclable, two-component spray polyurethane foam insulation kits are manufactured to ASTM E-84 Specifications.  
Securall Doors
Over 50 years of experience in high quality sheet metal fabrication. Providing the best products and customer service.

Mortar Net
The only truly effective solution to the problem of clogged weep holes in masonry cavity walls.

Fox Blocks
Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an energy efficient building envelope with superior strength, sound & air quality.

Express Yourself with DesignRail® by Feeney aluminum railing systems.

Western Colliod
A recognized leader in fluid applied roofing and reflective coating systems.
Questech has become the world leader in decorative tiles— timeless craftsmanship with an innovative use of materials.

Petersen Manufacturing Co
For more than 90 years the leader in the production of high-quality precast concrete site amenities.

Kinetic architecture, creates transformative, mechanized structures that change with climate, need or purpose.

Innovators - a look back


Charles Correa
(1930 - 2015)
"Market forces do not make cities, they destroy them"

Often described as India's greatest contemporary architect, Mr Correa's eye-catching buildings helped define its post-independence architecture.


Mr Correa was known for his wide-ranging design work, from cultural and civic monuments to modest housing developments... more


Jacob Jensen  
(1926 - 2015)

"Jacob Jensen was one of Denmark's strongest designers and has played an important part in our company history"


Jacob Jensen, was an industrial designer whose sleek minimalism exemplified the style known as Danish modern, most notably with the stereo systems and other audio products he created for the consumer electronics company Bang.... more dezeen

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