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Aluminium Centrum. Houten, the Netherlands

Elevated Aluminum Office

Columns with diameters ranging from 60 mm up to 210 mm and a length of 6 m

The concept of an all aluminium office building supported by hundreds of slender aluminium columns by the Dutch architect Micha de Haas was the winning design in a contest and was chosen out of 64 designs. The architect was inspired by the rural landscape of the town of Houten in the Netherlands and called his design “Aluminium Forest”. With this building the enormous potency of aluminium is demonstrated for tomorrow's building technology. more


De Brug Unilever Office, Rotterdam  

HK Architects came up with the idea of elevating above the historic factory complex on the river bank. Getting the four story building up there was quite a feat.Completed in 2007, the € 28 million structure stretches 130 meters. It was based on bridge design, hence the name “De Brug,” with just three supports holding it up. more


Homes on Stilts

For those living close to the coast, putting your home up on stilts will reduce the risk of damage caused by hurricanes and rising tides.

Sol Duc Cabin. Olympic Peninsula, WA. Olson Kundig architects

This steel-clad 350 sf cabin on stilts can be completely shuttered when the owner is away. The cabin’s rugged patina and raw materiality respond to the surrounding wilderness... more

New Product Showcase

Multiple dimming options to accommodate basic scene control, or energy management strategies.

An extensive selection of rich, vibrant colors and styles for both coil-coated paint and natural metal finishes.

PlastiForm Concrete Forming Systems
Plastiform concrete forming systems allow for rapid completion of a project.

CB products
The ALU-Xp systems - the most advanced architectural solutions for ventilated facades using extruded aluminium panels.

NanaWall Systems
Glass wall solutions that inspire you to imagine beyond what you thought possible.

Dash Door & Closure
One of the oldest and most respected independent automatic door distribution and service centers in the United States. 

The composite panel has captured a significant percentage of exterior facade work on structures around the globe.

Ambient Glow
Ambient Glow Technology™ is the world leader in high performance glow aggregates and coatings for concrete. 

Abaca, also called Manila Hemp, derives from the textile banana plant renowned for its tensile strength and durability.

STEP Warmfloor
This radiant heating system is the most energy efficient heating solution available.
PAC Intl
A world leader in Noise Control Solutions and is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Designed Security
25 years of developing custom and standard state-of-the-art security and access control solutions.
Foundry Services
High temperature insulating materials, architectural cladding & fiber-cement panel systems.

The Awning Factory
Professional staff of welders, painters, installers and designerproduce a high end product for any project.

Sure-loc aluminum or plastic paver restraints are a professional choice for your hardscape projects.   

Innovators - a look back


Jonathan Woolf
“where a brick building abuts hard up against a stone road, very much like the hill towns of Italy and Spain”.

A much-respected architect and academic, who was best known for his RIBA Award-winning Brick Leaf House,



he was one of the most significant architects of his generation. more architectsjournal


Melissa Wyndham  
(1949- 2015)

"I am driven by comfort and good lighting, "

One of Britain’s most successful and sought-after interior designers; she was also a leading figure of London’s “high bohemian” society. An attractive and elegant woman, her warmth and wit


kept her besieged with invitations. The noisy and crowded dinner parties she gave in a small room in her Chelsea flat were, for her many friends, a distinct feature of London life. Melissa Wyndham started her business in her twenties. For the last two decades she ran it from a small office in Sydney Street. more melissawyndham

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