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New building set to define
New York in 2016

World Trade Center Transportation Hub – Since Santiago Calatrava revealed his plans for the World Trade Center Transporation Hub, part of an area regeneration with contributions from the likes of Daniel Libeskind and Bjarke Ingels, the project has been beset by rising financial costs and numerous delays. But it looks as though, 12 years on, the breath... more


2016 London's Serpentine BIG snake wall

BIG’s unzipped wall for the 2016 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion has been a critic and fan favorite so far this summer. Its simple parametric design has inspired the array of captivating photos and even a virtual model that

allows you to adjust the parameters of the structure in your browser window. Now you can play with its design wherever you go, thanks to a new app by Studioclam.Lasting for close to two decades now, the annual Serpentine Gallery Pavilion... more Archdaily


China's first glass suspension bridge

Due to this location the building is an impressive landmark, rising up to a total height of 50 meters like a big sculpture from the terraced base.

The first glass suspension bridge in China has opened above a canyon in Hunan's Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, offering bold tourists a chance to cross a 180m (590ft) deep chasm between two cliffs. Dubbed Haohan Qiao – Brave Men's Bridge – the 300m (984ft) long bridge was originally designed to be wooden before developers opted for a transparent glass floor 24mm thick, but 25 times stronger than usual. more

New Product Showcase

LaCantina Doors
Create large open spaces! The most innovative and comprehensive range of folding, multi slide and swing systems.

ASST Beyond Surface Level
ASST Beyond Surface Level Solutions is an award-winning solid surface fabricator, manufacturer and product designer.

Barn Door Hardware
The world's largest selection of sliding door hardware, barn door hardware, and accessories at the lowest price.

Clayton & Lambert
Customized engineered solutions for companies in the swimming pool, grain storage, industrial storage, and roofing industries

Six unique luxurious product categories: Designer, Studio, Shower Pan, Lifestyle, Maestro, and Metro.

Expertise in design & construction of domes, free form structures, space frames, bridges, and hypars.

AS Hanging Systems
Our fittings mount objects to walls without the typical holes and damage. These hanging systems are perfect for displays.

Envision - Visionwall
An industry leader in high performance insulated glass units used in window and curtain wall systems.

Rulon Company
High quality and complex architectural wood ceilings and acoustical wood walls for over 25 years.

Clayton Aquariums
Clayton Aquariums is the leader in providing custom commercial and residential marine and freshwater aquariums

Garaventa Lifts
Compact elevators , home elevators , inclined platform lifts , vertical platform lifts and emergency evacuation chairs .

EnviroSafe including Ultra Lush, Emerald, and Gold. Tthe most natural looking, low maintenance landscaping in the industry!

Interstate Brick
Widely recognized as one of the premier commercial brick manufacturers in the U.S.

Hohmann & Bernard
A diverse selection of high quality construction products including anchors, flashing and air barriers.

Lacey Glass
Specializing in slope-glazing and dynamic daylighting, Lacey Glass carries more products than any of our competitors.  

Altech Panel Systems
The patented Accu-Trac® aluminum composite wall panel systems for both exterior and interior applications.

McCarty Domes
The MDI dome system is delivered to the site, ready for bolt-up with no field welds needed for assembly.

Petersen Manufacturing Co.
A nationally recognized leader in the production of high-quality precast concrete site amenities.

Modern Stainless
MWE - the preeminent manufacturer of stainless steel library ladders and hardware.

Nice Group
Our products have been precisely engineered and solidly constructed to meet all commercial and residential needs.

Royal Corinthian
We emulate ancient architecture making our architectural columns, balustrade, and cornice from composite materials.

The Rolex of the sauna industry and the preferred vendor for residential and commercial customers around the world.

The Belden Brick
We look forward to another century of quality brickmaking, and to continuing our “Tradition of Excellence!”

Sunrise Systems
Custom LED signage for public art, first-in-the-industry technological advances and uniquely tailored information systems.

The Iron Shop
Outstanding design and fabrication of custom-built spiral staircases, curved stairs, and floating stairs.

Premium mineral wool insulation products for commercial, residential, industrial and marine applications.

Huge openings, seamless transitions, and outstanding performance for stunning ways to connect the indoors to the outside.

An innovative alternative to traditional HVAC systems and eliminates ductwork and dropped ceilings.

American Energy System
Providing a top line quality product and its company vision is to make heating our homes and businesses affordable.

ITW Insulation Systems
Ell-Jacs™ Plus are a premier protective outer surface for insulation systems on pipe to complement aluminum jacketing.

Innovators - a look back


Michael Manser
1929- 2016
Acused Prince Charles of  “architectural censorship’’  which was “killing off the heritage of tomorrow”.


The architect, was noted for his Modernist houses, three of which were listed, and for an annual prize in his name for the best private house in the UK. To the the wider public, he became known as the president of.... more Financial Times


Thomas Gillins
1958- 2016
"I knew my job was secure when the Forest Service bought me a saddle"


Veteran U.S. Forest Service bridge engineer Thomas Norman Gillins, who designed more than 400 bridges now serving the Intermountain West, has died of cancer at the age of 58 Gillins has died. He worked 34 years... more

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