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Summer means Camping

The Skylodge

Mountains are a lot of fun to hike and to climb, but they’re a pain in the butt to live on. Rocky, uneven, tilted, unpleasant… the view is great, but that’s about the only benefit. So, human ingenuity being what it is, somebody has worked out a way to improve the view while at the same time giving you a lot more space and comfort. The Skylodge is what it sounds like; it’s a lodge mounted on the side of a mountain. Constructed in Peru, above the Sacred Valley, the lodge is built out of aluminum and polycarbonate, so it’s light... more


Why go camping...
when you can go glamping?

Forget the old fashioned triangle tents and bulky campers; you can now luxuriate in a fabulous tent unit available in “stacking doughnut” and “modular flow” models. Nestled on the serene campgrounds of Yang-Pyeong, South Korea, you’ll find a set of peculiar, yet beautiful, looking tents designed by Archiworkshop that offer campers a luxurious stay with nature.

Each unit comes complete with sofas that transform into beds, artwork created by local artists in Seoul, and bathrooms. And no worries; they're made.... more


Amphibious Trailer

The Sealander is a unique combination of trailer and amphibious vehicle. It is a caravan and yacht in one. High quality and aesthetics of boat-building are combined with the flexibility of a mobile home.

It is dynamic and modern. The Sealander is an innovative lightweight mobile vehicle that is primarily a custom-made caravan but, with the help of a few handles and an outboard engine (any 5 PS long-shaft outboard engine will do) it turns into an amphibious vehicle. The best part is you don’t need any special license to operate the Sealander. more Video

New Product Showcase

Allegany Mountain Hardwood
The Hickman Family has owned, worked & lived in these western Pennsylvania hardwoods since the 1930s.

Fibrex Group
Steora is by far the most advanced solar smart bench on the market and is optimized for continuous public use.

A leader in the design and manufacture of architectural luminaires for LED lamp sources.

Acme Brick
Each Acme Brick is manufactured to exceed quality standards established by all building codes

Davis Colors
Leading producer of mix-in color additives for portland cement-based concrete paving, products and structures.

Low maintenance PVC products including Trim, Mouldings, Deck, Porch, Railing, and Pavers.

American Cork Company
Parquet Cork Floor Tiles & pre-finished Floor Planks also Cork Wall Tiles, available in more than 20 patterns and colors.

Canaan Site Furnishings
Quality site furniture for public and private spaces across North America.

Clingerman Doors
High quality handcrafted garage doors to the customer’s specifications. A variety of looks and applications.

Specializes in creating unique, custom decorative metal screens, linear bar grilles, perforated grilles, laser cut metal panels, HVAC registers, and radiator grilles.

Carter Millwork
FLEX TRIM Imagine, an architectural molding that flexes to fit radius contours and shapes.

Feeney LED Rail and Post Accent Lights: Enjoy the Night

Chandler Company
Custom fiberglass planters, pots, urns, and water-proof planter liners for the commercial landscape industry.

Recycled plastic commercial playground equipment for schools, parks, day cares, churches.

Creative Edge Master Shop
The world’s largest, most experienced, and most creative architectural waterjet fabrication operation.  

Proprietary technology platform that ensures quality of our artificial grass products from the ground up.

Low maintenance outdoor building products that are durable and made with high quality materials.

B&B Sheetmetal
Manufacturer of exterior architectural sheet metal products in the northeast, known for our attention to detail.

Vixen Hill
Inspired by the beauty of their Pennsylvania countryside, engineers & craftsmen with a high concern for quality.

Hager Companies
Since 1849, Hager Companies legacy has been built on solid and secure door hardware that is made to last.

Bradley Corporation
Comprehensive source for plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, partitions, emergency fixtures and plastic lockers.

McKee Surfaces
We use our expertise in materials to transform plastics into a variety of styles, colors and patterns.

Innovations Panels
Our newly patented INNovation Panels and our designer catalogues are guaranteed to please customers’ needs.

Hacker Industries
A full line of poured floor underlayments, sound control mats and ancillary products, unrivaled in quality

Nature of Early Play
Woman-owned small business and the leader in recycled plastic outdoor early childhood play equipment.

Pioneer of flexible moulding since 1968. We specialize in Duraflex and Xtraflex flexible mouldings.

A leading galvanized and PVC coated welded wire mesh manufacturer of wire products, tools and accessories .

Dreamwalls Color Glass
Back-painted glass for nearly a decade, and we pride ourselves on quality, consistancy and color match abilities. 

America’s first Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish to a wall Rainscreen in drainable Stucco, Stone, EIFS.

Rasmussen Logs, Grills + Heat
Bromic Heaters have set the industry benchmark with stylish good looks and world-first innovation.

Innovators - A Look Back


Romaldo Giurgola
1920- 2016
“I am biologically Italian but psychologically Australian”


Romaldo Giurgola, a leading member of the Philadelphia school of architects, which included Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi and was influential in the 1960s and ’70s. Mr. Giurgola (pronounced JER-go-la), who was born in Italy, designed a number of important buildings in the United States and Parliament House, Australia’s seat of government. Along... more Giurgola


Judith Tendler
1939- 2016
"Judith was among the most innovative and heterodox development economists — and she was a real planner, because she always looked for ways to make incremental changes respecting organizational cultures"


Judith Tendler was a development economist with an institutional bent. Since 1984, she has been Professor of Political Economy in the International Development Group of the Department of Urban Studies & Planning at M.I.T. She has published three books, Good Government in the... more Tendler

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