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Leland Industries
95 Commander Blvd.
Scarborough, ON M1S 3S9

Tel : 800.263.3393
Fax: 416.291.0305
Contact: David Webster

Leland Industries Inc. is committed to the quality of manufacturing that surpasses the exacting requirements of our customers. We take pride in being a North American company, using North American Steel, and Competing successfully against offshore competitors in international markets.

Today our capabilities include bolts to 3/4" X 6” , Screws for construction or OEM in sizes from #6 to #24, in lengths to 8”.

We manufacture Nuts, Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex, Serrated flange Nuts, GR.5. Need U-Bolts, J-Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Special Shapes or large diameter Threaded Rod? Our Threadall division can look after all of your needs.

Product Categories:
05050 Metal Materials + Methods
05080 Factory-Applied Metal Coatings
05090 Metal Fastenings + Framing Hardware
06090 Wood + Plastic Fastenings + Adhesives
06100 Carpentry: Framing, Panels, + Timber
07600 Flashing + Sheet Metal
07720 Roof Specialty: Vents, Gutters, Fasteners

Commercial + Residential

Brands / Products:
Master Grippers; Master Grippers MDP; Master Tappers; Master Drillers; Master Plymetal and Wafer Reamer; Master Nylon Headed Fasteners; Master Surface Drive Bits; Master One Steppers; Specialty Fasteners; Master Overhead Garage Door Fasteners; Sealing Washers; Master Purlin - Girt Bolts; Girt Safety Spacer Nuts; Fin Neck Locking Bolts; Master Hex Serrated Flange Lock Bolts; Master Culvert & Guard Rail Fastener; A-325 Heavy Hex Structural Bolts; Hillside - Slope Washers; Capscrews; Master Custom Fasteners; Nuts and Washers; Machine Screws; Master Flash; Master Flash Retrofit; Master Closure; Master Ridge Vent Master Versavent; Master Vented Closure; Master Butyl Caulking Tape; Master Tube Caulking Tape.
Coating Systems

New Products:
JS1000 Plating, Special Bolts and Wire Shapes, to order.
JS1000 Plating

Leland's Coating Systems
New Products
Technical Links:
Technical Data

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