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Schweiss Doors
PO Box 220
Fairfax, MN 55332

Tel : 800.746.8273
Fax: 507.426.7408
Contact: Mike Schweiss

Mike Schweiss

Schweiss is the go-to door professional. We manufacture and install low maintenance custom one piece hydraulic doors that lift up and out to form a canopy when open, and patented Bifold Liftstrap / Autolatch doors, both of which are distributed internationally. Architects love our eye-appealing designer door line which includes custom made glass doors that are featured in many fine restaurants, hotels and commercial retail establishments throughout the United States. Many of these attractive, but functional doors, are designed to open an entire wall within an establishment and blend into the interior or exterior without you knowing there is actually a door or moving wall there. With clean aesthetics, simple installation and smooth, quiet operation, our strong steel or aluminum frame architectural engineered designer doors accept most cladding systems; glass, polycarbonate, wood, steel, etc. and Schweiss hydraulic and electrical operated bifold doors come with many safety features and upgrade equipment. Schweiss Doors goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and we keep you involved in the process every step of the of way with personalized service tailored to your architectural or engineering needs. If you can dream it, we can design and build your door exactly the way you want it. Finding the right custom door for any application, residential, retail, offices, schools, restaurants, garage, commercial, industrial, military, hangars and more is as close as your telephone by dialing 800-746-8273 or by visiting www.schweissdoors.com

Product Categories:
08050 Door + Window Materials
08100 Metal Doors + Frames
08300 Specialty Doors + Entry Doors
08330 Coiling+ Roll-Up Doors + Garage Doors
08342 Industrial + Hangar Doors
08350 Folding Doors + Panel Doors Grilles
08460 Automatic Sliding + Revolving Doors
08715 Door Operators, Automatic Door Sensors

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Please contact Schweiss directly for distribution information.
Visit us directly:

Green Green Products
This Schweiss 40ft. Liftstrap Bifold glass door made the Red Bull Headquarters skateboard ramp a focal point of its Santa Monica, California headquarters building.
Top of the line 29' x 12' Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Door graces this Under Armour storefront and corporate offices in Baltimore, Maryland.
The city of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada placed 20 glass 19’x21’ bifold liftstrap designer doors on its new $20.2 million Operations Centre. Large etched numbers identify each door.
Schweiss Doors supplied 11 Lift-Strap custom-made Bifold Doors and one Hydraulic Door for the Opus One Napa Valley Winery in Oakville, California.
SilverWing Airpark at Sandpoint, Idaho ordered two 45’x15’ bifold designer doors for its model residence hangars at its fly-in residence community.
With more than 35 years experience in the door industry, Schweiss Doors has proven that the Hydraulic and Bifold doors are the first choice for agricultural, aviation, commercial, industrial...
This residential ski lodge at Kicking Horse Mountain in British Columbia installed a 20’x8.5’ hydraulic garage door on the home. Thousands of Schweiss Doors have now been installed...
Schweiss Doors are constantly leaving the factory for overseas destinations. This Air Force military hangar has custom-made 64’x24’ bifold doors clad in mesh for ventilation.
Schweiss Doors was delighted to take on a project no other door company would begin to consider. The brand new Sacramento Kings Stadium Golden 1 Center has five specially...
The front of Dennis Yates 40x60 ft. revamped wood hangar in North Carolina has a 39 ft. x 11 ft. hydraulic door. The top of the hangar entrance above the door will soon be accentuated by an...
This Pennsylvania combination storage building and hangar door has a 41.6’x14’ bifold liftstrap door with the new Schweiss autolatch system that does away with all the cables, chains...
Agricultural doors have long been a Schweiss Door specialty. This Minnesota farmer had three bifold doors placed on his new machine shed. The largest door was 50’x20’ to allow access...
The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois recently completed a $8.3 million building expansion that included a 21’ x 24’ Schweiss bifold liftstrap door.
Unique looking hangar door in North Plains, Oregon, is clad with a special light weight blue polycarbonate cladding that allows light to shine through and brighten up the interior.
A total of 13 concession stands were outfitted with Schweiss lift-strap bifold doors to be used at amphitheaters in LA and all over the US.
The brand spankin' new Texas Music Factory in Irving, Texas did more than just open their doors — they opened seven Schweiss 36' bifold liftstrap doors at their music pavilion.
Brands / Products:
Schweiss Bifold Doors, Patented Liftstraps & Autolatches. Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic Doors. Schweiss Designer Doors.
Bifold Doors
Hydraulic Doors
Designer Doors

New Products:
New and Improved Hydraulic Pump. Spherical Bearings. Beefed Up Hinges. Stronger Cylinders. Three Backup Systems. Liftstrap Conversion Kits. Free Standing Headers. Agricultural, Post Frames. Hangar and Hangar Home Doors. Sound Control Doors. Sandblast Doors. Crane Doors. Container Doors. Medical and Pharmaceutical Doors. Corrosion Resistant Doors. Residential and Garage Doors. Cold Storage Doors. Blast Doors. Moving Wall Doors. Designer Doors. Remote Control Systems and more.
Hydraulic Pumps
Auto Latches and Remotes
Specialty Doors

Green Statement/Products:
Schweiss Doors has contributed to the new Sacramento Kings Arena, the first Indoor arena to achieve LEED platinum designation, and a NewMarket Ontario municipal building, one of the first Canadian municipal buildings to achieve LEED silver designation.
Golden 1 Center – LEED Platinum
NewMarket Operations Center – LEED Silver

Must See Photos
Designer Doors
Hydraulic vs BiFold
Technical Links:
Understanding Headroom - Steel
Understanding Headroom – Wood
Steel vs. Wood
Building Details

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