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5211 Cascade Rd. SE
Suite 210
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Tel : 888.950.6531
Fax: 616.954.0290

Richard Hartger, Founder/President
Susan Hartger, Vice President

CycleSafe serves planners for transit, education, corporate, government and healthcare facilities by providing bicycle parking solutions with the best in quality, innovation, and reliability. Our products help achieve healthy and sustainable communities and increase employee productivity, recruitment, and retention. CycleSafe bike lockers are the premier lockers of choice, offering the most secure, versatile, and cost-effective products on the market. The engineered difference is revealed in products that outperform and outlast the competition.

Product Categories:
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
10500 Lockers + Locks
12931 Bicycle Racks



Showrooms / Distributors:
CONTACT US-See the full CycleSafe bicycle parking product line at cyclesafe.com.
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Green Green Products
CycleSafe ProPark Double-Tier Bike Locker system.
CycleSafe U/2 Inverted U Bike Racks with crossbar.
CycleSafe ProPark Door-View bike lockers. Also available with View-Thru side panel.
CycleSafe Vintage Bike Rack, Plymouth model.
CycleSafe ProPark Bike Locker with custom white color in Ann Arbor, MI.
CycleSafe EcoPark Bike Locker with two bike capacity.
CycleSafe EcoPark Bike Locker, interior view.
CycleSafe EcoPark Bike Locker bank with 4 bike capacity.
CycleSafe ProPark Door-View, Double-Tier bike lockers in a custom color.
CycleSafe ProPark bike locker in a custom blue color.
ProPark bike locker bank at metro station, with 6 bike capacity.
CycleSafe U Bike Racks on rails in on-street bike corral.
Brands / Products:
ProPark® Bike Lockers, EcoPark® Bike Lockers, CyclePort™ Bike Shelters, U/2™ Bike Racks, Classic Bike Racks, Vintage Bike Racks, Modern Bike Racks, Custom Bike Racks, Staple Bike Racks, Rail-Mounted Bike Rack, Bike Stall, Hi- Density Bike Rack, Bike Corral, Bike WallRack, Bike WallRack Stand, Bike Event Racks.
Bike Lockers
Bike Shelters
Bike Racks

New Products:
Bike Corrals, Hi-Density Bike Racks, Bike Stalls, Extension Bike Locker, Canopy Bike Shelter
Bike Corral
Hi-Density Bike Racks
Bike Stalls

Green Statement/Products:
CycleSafe employs local suppliers, manufacturers and distributors for all of our products. We optimize low-energy, low-emission production processes.
LEED Credits for Bike Parking
CycleSafe Sustainability Commitment
CycleSafe LEED Brochure


Bike Lockers
Bike Shelters
Bike Racks
Bike Wall Racks
Technical Links:
ProPark Bike Locker Specs
Bicycle Rack Specs
Cycle-Safe Cad Details

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