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American Dryer
33067 Industrial Road
Livoinia, MI 48150

Tel : 800.485.7003
Fax: 734.421.5580

American Dryer has been a leading manufacturer of high quality hand dryers since 1952. Our guiding philosophy has lead to the development of many industry innovations, capped by the new ExtremeAir high-speed hand dryer with patented Cold Plasma Clean technology. American Dryer was the first to introduce the compact, high-speed hand dryer. Our ExtremeAir dries hands in 10-15 seconds, depending on the model and uses 80-90% less energy versus conventional hand dryers and provides up to 98% cost savings versus paper towels and eliminates their maintenance and waste, creating a more hygienic restroom experience. Our series of high-speed hand dryers consists of the ExtremeAir CPC, which features our exclusive high performance cold plasma generator. The generator is 100% maintenance free, uses no chemicals and doesn’t create harmful levels of ozone. The series also includes the ExtremeAir Original and the ExtremeAir ECO with no heat technology. All of the American Dryer models are assembled in the U.S. are GreenSpec listed and help facilities qualify for LEED credits in several categories.

Product Categories:
10800 Toilet, Bath + Laundry Accessories
10810 Hand Dryers
11400 Food Service Equipment
15410 Hand Dryers



Showrooms / Distributors:
Please contact American Dryer for product literature, specifications, pricing, to find a distributor near you or to set-up a product demonstration.

Green Green Products
eXtreme Air cPc
Dryer Cutaway Satin Chrome
ADA-RK White dryer
ADA-WG Stainless dryer
AP white dryer
Brands / Products:
Advantage™ AD hand & hair dryer series, Global® GX hand dryer series, Accessories. ExtremeAir series – ExtremeAir CPC, ExtremeAit GXT, ExtemeAir EXT – ECO ADA Compliant not compliance

Standard Features:
All of our high-speed ExtremeAir models come with the following standard features:

Adjustable Sound & Speed – Because high-speed hand dryers can be too loud for certain locations, we provide Adjustable Sound & Speed. A dial found under the cover allows you the ability to set the sound level to your liking, making the ExtremeAir the perfect dryer for all environments

Universal Voltage – The ExtremeAir hand dryers can be connected to any voltage between 100 and 240 volts, making it easy to order and easy to install

Compact Design – The ExtremeAir is the most compact hand dryer in the industry. It’s 43% smaller than old “industry standard” high-speed hand dryers.

5-Year Premium Warranty – Includes same day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts.

Heavy-Duty, One piece Cover Options – Flame-retardant white ABS Steel with white epoxy finish (M) Steel with black graphite epoxy finish (BG) Steel with satin chrome finish (C) Stainless Steel with #4 brush finish (SS)

Advantage™ AD
ADA compliance Accessories

New Products:
eXtremeAir CPC Featuring Exclusive Cold Plasma Clean® Technology
eXtremeAir® cPc hand dryer series

Green Statement/Products:
EXTREMEAIR® Hand Dryer - 3X Faster than Conventional Hand Dryers Dries hands completely in 10–15 seconds Uses 80% less energy GreenSpec® Listed, LEED® Credits 5–Year Limited Warranty
Green Guide
eXtremeAir® eXt
eXtremeAir® gXt

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