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1740 Dell Range Blvd
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Cheyenne, WY 82009

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DexSystems® Outdoor Floor Systems™ is a durable decking technology for placing porcelain, thin gauged stone, paver grade material or mixed media placed in any orientation, uniform or mixed modular sizes, over joist framing on an elevated deck or waterproofed rooftop terrace on pedestals. It utilizes components that are inert to moisture and the damaging effects of freeze-thaw cycles. The permanently flexible adhesive, open joints and open, free-draining structural GratedeX® or PierdeX® panels allow water to drain away from the finished flooring achieving a zero-maintenance decking surface.

Product Categories:
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
03500 Cementitious Decks + Underlayment
04400 Stone: Marble, Limestone, Granite + Slate
06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing + Sub Flooring
06500 Plastic: Structural, Fabrications + Railings
07555 Green Roofing + Wall Systems
10270 Access Flooring

Commercial + Residential


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Green Green Products
GratedeX® for Colorado cold supporting Brazilian slate modular tile.
GratedeX® Float on Chicago balcony supporting quartzite tile pattern.
GratedeX® light weight floor system over wood joist framing supporting gauged tile.
PierdeX® underlayment panel supporting modular dry-laid paver stone.
PierdeX® Outdoor Floor System™ pedestal rooftop terrace above waterproofing.
GratedeX® on public pedestrian bridge supporting thin gauged natural stone.
GratedeX® Outdoor Floor System™ elevated deck on traditional joist framing.
PierdeX® elevated pedestal underlayment supporting wood panels.
PierdeX® 32x32 pedestal floor over on-grade slopped concrete for stone paver finish.
GratedeX® Float rooftop terrace supporting thin gauged natural stone.
GratedeX® underlaymnet panel receiving glued down thin gauged tile.
GratedeX® deck terrace in Minnesota supporting porcelain tile.
Brands / Products:
GratedeX® Outdoor Floor System™ for joist framing, GratedeX® Float Outdoor Floor System™ for uniform slope waterproofed terrace, PierdeX® Outdoor Floor System™ for elevated pedestal terrace above waterproofing, PierdeX® Outdoor Floor System™ for mechanical pedestals.
DexSystems® Outdoor Floor Systems™

Green Statement/Products:
DexSystems® Outdoor Flooring underlayment system utilizes an open celled structure adding LEED value with the collection of rain water and supports a variety of stone or tile materials that could be manufactured from reclaimed or recycled materials also adding potential LEED value.
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