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Advanced Glazings
870 King's Road
PO Box 1460, Station A
Sydney, NS B1P 6R7

Tel : 902.794.2899
Fax: 902.794.1869

Michelle Milburn, Chief Operating Officer
Mike Reeves, Sales Manager North America
James Satterwhite, Head of International Development

Adavnced Glazings Ltd. manufacturers Solera, translucent glazing units. Products are designed to daylight buildings by diffusing direct sunlight, reducing glare and driving light deeper into interior spaces. Solera TGUs are engineered to provide custom daylight, a range of insulation values (R2.2 – R18), using standard glass and framing systems. AGL provides cost-effective solutions and guidance from concept to project completion. We are passionate about environmental design and the art of advancing natural daylighing in buildings.

Product Categories:
08500 Windows
08600 Skylights, Roof Windows + Greenhouses
08650 Daylighting
08830 Wind + Impact Resistant Doors & Windows
08900 Glazed Curtain Wall
08950 Translucent Wall + Roof Assemblies
08960 Sloped Glazing Assemblies



Showrooms / Distributors:
Purchase Solera Glazings units through our trusted sales force. Contact us at 902-794-2899 to find a territory representative.
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Green Green Products
SUNY Stonybrook, Solera creates interesting design effect and day lit studying area.
Cirque du Soliel, Montreal, Solera used to optimize daylighting while maintaining privacy.
Detroit Arts School, Solera used to compliment eye-catching design.
Detroit School of Arts - Detroit Arts School, Solera maximizes daylighting and privacy in ballet studio.
Joggins Museum, solera creates beautiful low intensity daylight, optimal for museums.
Solera with bronze tinted glass to compliment design and provide gentle daylight.
Kirkwood, ten year old installation of Solera maintains beautiful night time glow.
Kirkwood College, beautiful bright, glare free lighting, optimal for sports
MAP, Puerto Rico, Solera in skylight creates provides perfect color rendering.
MAP, Puerto Rico, museum quality daylighting, not detrimental to art work.
10 Chelsea NYC bright living space with best thermal efficiency.
SUNY Stonybrook, glare free design, warm inviting space provided by Solera.
Brands / Products:
Solera L R2.2, Solera R5 S and T, Solera +Lumira aerogel R5, Solera +Lumira aerogel R9 and Solera +Lumira aerogel R18
Solera +Lumira aerogel R18
Solera R5 S and T
What is Lumira ® aerogel?

Green Statement/Products:
Advanced Glazings Ltd was founded with the vision of creating products which would further the contribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency towards creating a sustainable future. In achieving this vision, while at the same time minimizing the consumption of non-sustainable energy sources, Advanced Glazings Ltd. will make a net positive impact on the environment.


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