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Planters Unlimited
6056 Corte Del Cedro
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Tel : 800.320.0626
Fax: 760.598.9888

Principal: Brad Gebert

Planters Unlimited specializes in commercial landscape products for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, contractors and the savvy homeowner. Over the last decade we have become a trusted source by providing products of unparalleled craftsmanship in any shape, size and color helping to bring our clients concepts to life! Our products are made to specification and to withstand with elements of any environment, whether sun, wind or fire. With our capabilities the possibilities are endless!

Product Categories:
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
02945 Planting Accessories + Landscape Edging
12400 Furnishings + Accessories
12520 Seating: Chairs, Benches + Stools
12540 Hospitality + Restaurant Furniture
12570 Commercial Furniture + Furnishings
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture
12800 Interior Plants + Planters

Commercial + Residential

Plaza Hotel NY - Custom Keswick Logo Planter
Corporate Centere Pasadena CA - Tapered Modern Square Planters
Private Residence - Stainless Steel Rectangular Planters
Pezago Restorante Chicago, IL - Madera Railing Planters
Inbound Marketing Boston, MA - Artificial Boxwood Topiaries
Commercial Rood Deck Plansboro, NJ - Marek Rectangular Planters
Sharon Square Charlotte, NC - English Garden Wall Planter
1900 Market St Philadelphia, PA - Custom Sloped Marek Planters
Method Ecover Chicago IL - Custom Madera Logo Platers
Acklen Apartments Nashville, TN - Modern Rectangular Planters
Private Residence - Low Bowl Modern Planters
Mia Francesca Del Mar, CA - Tapered Tuscana Square Planters
Wicked Bloom Washington, DC - Artificial Boxwood Wall Panel
Avalon Towers Long Beach, CA - Broxton Rectangular Planters
Private Residence Long Island City, NY - Artificial Boxwood Hedges in Modern Planters
Private Residence - Modern Rectangular and Square Planters
Brands / Products:
Fiberglass Planters, Cast Stone Planters, Composite PVC Planters, GFRC Planters, Stainless Steel Planters, Wood Planters, Illuminated Planters, Designer Planters, Dock Boxes, Hanging Baskets, Reservoirs, Artificial Hedges, Artificial Green Walls, Artificial Bamboo, Planters on Castors, Commercial Outdoor Furniture, Fiberglass Spheres, Trellises, Fiberglass Liners, Fiberglass Tabletops.
Fiberglass Planters
Composite Planters
Hanging Baskets

New Products:
Cast Stone Collection, Madera Faux Wood Collection, Kaza Fiberglass Planter.
Cast Stone Collection
Madera Faux Wood Collection
Kaza Fiberglass Planter

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Technical Links:
Planters Buying Guide
Hedge Buying Guide
Furniture and Site Amenities Buying Guide
Topiary Buying Guide

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