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Garden On The Wall
30 Wychwood Road
Livingston, NJ 07039

Tel : 888.234.3392

Established in 2014, Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turn-key, Maintenance-free Garden Installations exclusively for interiors. As the originator and undisputed leader of this new ecological genre in the U.S. Architecture & Design field, we help achieve our client's biophilic design aspirations while eliminating all hassles of maintaining a living wall or plants (an automatic time and investment savings).

Our mission: to elevate the spirit of others by bringing maintenance-free nature installations to imaginative interior design spaces.

Garden on the Wall® specializes in environments where biophilic designs improve productivity wellness and general community welfare - particularly in workplace, hospitality and retail.

Product Categories:

AARP Offices in Washington, DC with over 450 sqf of Garden Installations, including a 2 tier Garden Installation next to the stairs, created with Moss species.
Willis Towers in Atlanta with over 180 sqf of Wall Gardens created with a created with Forest Species over Flat Moss surface, integrated seamlessly into custom millwork structure.
W Bellevue Hotel Installation with 75 sqf of Planter Inserts created with Forest, Ferns, Flower Foliage, Grasses and Moss integrated into custom millwork structure.
120 sqf of Custom Wall Garden Installation at Hilton Doubletree Hotel @ Universal created with Ferns over a Flat Moss surface.
120 sqf of Custom Shaped Wall Garden Installation at Harvard @ Trilogy Residences’ Lobby created with Forest, Fern and Flower Foliage with contemporary design.
55 sqf of Custom Wall Garden Installation created with Forest and Flower Foliage over Flat Moss surface at the La Fayette Residential Building Lobby in NYC.
Wall Garden Installations created with Eucalyptus, Forest and Flower Foliage over Flat Moss surface and seamlessly integrated at TripAdvisor’s Global Headquarters’ Atrium in Needham, MA.
150 sqf of Wall Garden Installation created with Moss Species with seamless integration to wood paneling for the reception lobby of VML in Kansas City, MO.
120 sqf of Wall Gardens and Planter Insert Installations created with Forest and Ferns seamlessly integrated to custom divider units at Paul Hasting LLP’s offices in NYC.
200 sqf of Ceiling Gardens created with Forest species over Flat Moss surface at the Optoro Offices in Washington, DC. The project has obtained LEED Silver Certification.
450 sqf of Wall Garden Installation created with Moss species installed over a curved surface at the Capital One® offices in NYC.
240 sqf of Wall Garden Installation created with Forest, Ferns and Flower Foliage installed at the Fitbit offices’ reception lobby in San Francisco, CA

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