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Paul Samples, President

Boral® Bricks is the nation’s largest brick manufacturer, with an annual unit capacity of 1.5 billion. With manufacturing plants in 9 states across the southeast and southwest, our geographic positioning allows Boral to use a variety of clays to create over 150 different colors and textures of brick to suit your specific design. Our products meet or exceed all ASTM standards, providing you with the look you want and the quality you deserve.
Product Categories:
04200 Clay, Brick, Terra Cotta + Glass Block
04220 Masonry: Concrete + Concrete Bricks
04800 Masonry Assemblies + Panels
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
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Brands / Products:
Boral® Bricks Architectural Design Series; Boral® Bricks Residential Collection
Boral® Bricks Residential Collection
Boral® Bricks Commercial Collection
Insignia Series

New Products:
Boral® Thin Brick Natural Clay Veneer and the Historic District Collection. Available in 10 colors and several popular textures, Boral® Thin Brick is the perfect go-to option for projects that require a lighter touch, while still achieving the signature look of full-dimensional clay brick. The Historic Collection provides “used brick” charm while maintaining the durability and integrity of a new brick structure.
Boral® Thin Brick
Historic Collection
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Green Statement/Products:
Boral is a leader in sustainable manufacturing and at the forefront of the industry in alternate fuel development, waste reduction and updates that meet EPA standards. Made from 100% genuine clay and shale, all-natural bricks have an exceptionally long life cycle, do not emit ozone-depleting substances and can be manufactured virtually waste-free. The one-inch air space used in brick veneer construction system provides drainage and insulating from temperature and sound transfer.

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