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As North America’s leader in commercial spray foam insulation, Icynene’s open and closed-cell solutions deliver impressive energy efficiency advantages for architects and commercial builders to create sustainable buildings. Icynene spray foam insulation is code compliant and addresses the key requirements of building science and energy efficient sustainable building design, backed by industry-leading support. Icynene is approved by ICC-ES and is AIA accredited for continuing education for architects.
Product Categories:
07050 Thermal + Moisture Protection/Covering
07100 Damp proofing + Waterproofing
07200 Thermal Insulation + Protection
07210 Building Insulation + Foam Insulation
07220 Roof Insulation + Deck Insulation
13080 Sound, Vibration, + Seismic Control
Commercial + Residential
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Brands / Products:
Classic / LD-C-50; Classic Max / LD-C-50V2; MD-C-200
Classic / LD-C-50
Classic Max / LD-C-50V2

New Products:
Icynene Classic Plus™ is a high R-value spray foam insulation innovation from the industry leader that lets you achieve R22 in a typical 2x6 wall assembly. Icynene Classic Plus™ offers an incredibly high R-value of R4 per inch to let you meet and exceed the latest regional and national building codes. With a high R-value, this low-density open cell spray foam insulation innovation is ideal for use in residences and commercial building type V-B.

Industry leader, Icynene introduces a world first - ProSeal Eco. A revolutionary new spray foam insulation, Icynene ProSeal Eco is the world’s only environmentally responsible 100% water-blown closed-cell spray foam. With no synthetic blowing agent, Icynene ProSeal Eco is a smarter replacement for chemically-based medium density, closed-cell spray foams for those designers seeking a more environmentally sound option. Icynene ProSeal Eco has significantly expanded the possibilities of commercial wall assembly applications like no other.

Icynene ProSeal™ - The Next generation of Closed-cell Spray Foam Insulation.
Icynene ProSeal Eco
Icynene Classic Plus™
Icynene ProSeal™ - The Next generation of Closed-cell Spray Foam Insulation

Green Statement/Products:
Icynene is leading the insulation industry to a new level of sustainability through its commitment to environmentally-preferable, spray foam technology that provides superior energy efficiency.

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AIA, Energy Star, NAHB, USGBC

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