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Since 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has led the world in the development and production of deep-textured, three dimensional metals used in architectural, industrial and transportation applications. Rigidized® Metals products are known for their attractive, economical and functional appeal. The Rigidized® Metals deep-texturing process adds strength, impact resistance and the ability to hide scratches. It also allows for down-gauging, resulting in lighter, longer lasting products and reduced maintenance costs.
Product Categories:
05050 Metal Materials + Methods
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
05580 Metal Fabrications: Formed + Metalwork
05581 Metal Wall Panels + Metal Wall Cladding
07410 Metal Roofing + Wall Panels Cladding
09510 Acoustical Ceilings
10600 Partitions, Screens + Panels
12500 Furniture
Commercial + Residential
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Deep Textured Metals
Interior Panel Systems
Custom Fabrication

Green Statement/Products:
Stainless steel and titanium are extraordinarily efficient reflectors of solar radiation, which save energy and cool the planet. In addition, their exceptional durability means these materials will last the useful life of the building with little or no maintenance. Coupled with energy savings, this usually results in the least long-term cost to the building owner. Significantly less harm can be made to the environment by using these materials as opposed to more commonly used materials that require more maintenance and replacement or produce undesirable runoff into the water supply.

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