Spiral Stairs Of America

1700 Spiral Court
Erie, PA 16510

Tel : 800.422.3700
Fax: 814.899.9139
Initially regarded a small side business by the owner of a regional weld shop, the sales of spiral stairs began to climb almost as soon as they were introduced. Sensing a good opportunity, he spun the business (and kept ownership) off into a new company, christened “Spiral Stairs of America”. A very grandiose name for a very small business in the relatively small town of Erie, PA.
Now, in 2016, we have a new owner and a new name "Innovative Metal Craft, llc" , befiiting a company that makes more than spirals. We make all welded spiral stairs, curved stairs, straight stairs, and industrial weldments an dfabrications for customers acorss the country.
Product Categories:
05510 Metal Stairs, Spiral, Ladders + Balconies
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
05700 Ornamental: Stairs, Railings + Castings
06430 Stairs, Spiral, Guardrails/Banisters
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
Spiral Stairs - Standard, Deco Style, Wood Kits
Curved Stairs - Metal, Wood, Double Helix
Spiral Stairs Welded Unit
Curved Metal Stair
Curved Wood Stair

New Products:
Multi-Line Rail System, Horizontal Railing System
Deco Spiral Staircase
Double Helix

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Tread Riser Calculator
Rotation-Platform Location-Installation Guide
Library Ladder Estimator
NOMMA Joint Finish Guidelines

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