Tymetal Corporation

2549 State Route 40
Greenwich, NY 12834

Tel : 800.328.GATE
Fax: 518.692.9404
Contact: Dick Krieger
Robert M. Douglas President

Tymetal Corp. is the leading manufacturer of aluminum and steel vehicle and pedestrian security gates. Shipping nationwide from manufacturing plants in New York and Texas, Tymetal specializes in producing automated gate systems that can close openings from 4 to 500 feet. Tymetal offers the industry benchmark in aluminum cantilever slide gates, swing gates, vertical lift and vertical pivot gates, bi-fold gates, and roll gates, as well as a full line of crash tested barriers, crash wedges, drop arms and all the accessories needed to meet the access needs of any application. A nearly limitless variety of perimeter security gate panel designs (aluminum ornamental gate or steel gate panel designs to match almost any existing site elements) are available to close your aesthetically sensitive high security perimeter openings. Tymetal designs and manufactures the highest quality automatic gate systems available and backs them up with an industry leading warranty and an extensive installer network to support the products during and after the sale. Tymetal prides itself on offering exhaustive pre-sale design and application assistance to ensure that everything delivered meets and exceeds end user expectations. We have thousands of references throughout the USA happy to attest to our results!
Product Categories:
02800 Improvements + Amenities
02820 Fences, Gates + Operators
02825 Sound Walls + Barriers
02840 Walk, Road & Parking Appurtenances
02845 Bollards + Barriers
10450 Pedestrian Control Devices
13550 Transportation Control
Showrooms / Distributors:
Tymetal Corp. 888-978-GATE (4283)
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Brands / Products:
Industrial & Commercial Gate Systems
- Crash Gate Systems, - Correctional Gate Systems, - PLUSS Series Gates, - TIGER Security Gate System
Industrial & Commercial Gate Systems
Crash Gate Systems
Correctional Gate Systems

New Products:
Bi-Folding Gates
- Crash Gates, - Crash Beams, - Crash Barriers, - Crash Bollards, - Pedestrian Portals, - Turnstiles
Crash Gates
Crash Beams
Pedestrian Portals


Tymetal Corporation
Industrial Commercial Gate Systems
Crash Gate Systems
Correctional Gate Systems
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