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1015 Sutton Drive
Burlington, ON L7L5Z8

Tel : 905.319.9222
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Contact: Tammilyn Leyser
Tammilyn Leyser, Sales and Marketing

With over 50 years of experience in cooling, Liebherr's German manufacturing sets the pace with continuous product innovation and a proactive approach to responsible manufacturing. Liebherr brings fresh, European design to the North American marketplace, providing outstanding built-in, freestanding, fully integrated refrigeration and an extensive selection of wine storage units.
Product Categories:
11400 Food Service Equipment
11405 Refrigerators + Refrigerated Cases
11450 Residential Appliances + Equipment
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:

CS 1360 24” Freestanding Refrigerator
HWS 1800 Fully Integrated Wine Storage Cabinet
17” Cigar Humidor

New Products:

HCB 1560 36” Fully Integrated Refrigerator
CBS 2062 36” Freestanding Refrigerator

Green Statement/Products:
Our considerable investment to ensure environmental compatibility has resulted in the reduced use of chemicals, solvents and energy consumption. We were the first appliance manufacturer worldwide to remove CFC’s completely from our production process in 1993, as well as establishing central waste and resource collection stations at all Liebherr manufacturing facilities. Packaging materials on all Liebherr products are 100% recyclable and any water used in our production process is purified and pollution-free. Any energy released during production is recovered and utilized again in heating our manufacturing environments, further harnessing Liebherr's commitment to a greener future.

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