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GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES turns glass bottles and discarded porcelain fixtures into beauty. Instead of mounting in a landfill for thousands of years, we turn post-consumer and industrial glass into gorgeous countertops, fabulous flooring and landscape materials. By mixing crushed glass with an epoxy resin, we’ve created over 400+ sparkling terrazzo designs. If you can’t find one that matches your home or office, you can create your own custom design, based on color, size and finish.

GLASS RECYCLED SURFACES is the only recycled glass and porcelain ‘Up-Cycling’ Manufacturer in the world that can customize the color of resin and the choice of glass and or porcelain.
Product Categories:
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
09300 Tile
09380 Countertops: Concrete, Stone + Tile
09400 Terrazzo
09600 Flooring
09620 Specialty, Athletic + Resin Flooring
12500 Furniture
12540 Hospitality + Restaurant Furniture
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
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Brands / Products:
GlassSLAB - Countertops
GlassPLANK - Floors
GlassSCAPE - Landscaping
GlassDECOR - Recycled Glass Tabletops
GlassSLAB Countertops
GlassPLANK Floors
GlassSCAPE Environmentally Friendly Landscape

New Products:
GALAXY Collection
CLASSIC Collection
PREMIER Collection
GALAXY Collection
CLASSIC Collection
PREMIER Collection

Green Statement/Products:
GlassSLAB Countertops and GlassPLANK floor and wall tiles are environmentally beneficial construction materials that can aid significantly in the environmental goals of green buildings.
GlassSCAPE - Mulch your own landscaping with our recycled glass and porcelain filler – perfect for groundcover, aquariums, fountains, and anywhere else that sand is used.
GlassDECOR - Use our recycled glass and or porcelain for almost any interior surface imaginable, including ceiling tiles, elevator panels, door panels, table tops, stair treads and risers, custom vanity tops and more. If you have an idea, we can probably make it happen.

Glass Recycled No ASR Barrier
GlassSLAB Maintenance
GlassPLANK Maintenance


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GlassSLAB guide Specifications
GlassPLANK guide Specifications
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