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Anaheim, CA

Tel : 888.315.9037
Fax: 866.308.9719
Contact: Allison Abel
Sam Mendelsohn, CEO

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness provides unique outdoor fitness settings that offer activities for users at all fitness levels. Embraced nationwide for its high quality and multi-generational appeal, the equipment provides a fun, socially-oriented style of fitness and is the number-one amenity for the community. Greenfields’ product line includes the Professional Series with adjustable resistance and the Signature Accessible Line for users in wheelchairs. Greenfields Outdoor Fitness equipment is perfect for parks, senior centers, schools, universities, and more.
Product Categories:
02800 Improvements + Amenities
02880 Playground Equipment + Structures
11480 Athletic + Recreational Equipment
Showrooms / Distributors:
Greenfields Outdoor Fitness products can be seen in green spaces nationwide. For a location near you, call us at 888.315.9037.

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Brands / Products:
Core Line; Professional Series; Accessible Line
Core Line
Professional Series
Signature Accessible Line

New Products:
8-Person Linear Combo GR2005-1-77; 10-Person Static Combo HP2009-5-12
Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Experience
13-Person Cross Fitness Rig - HP2009-5-14
Kickboxing Station - UBX-303

Green Statement/Products:
Greenfields Outdoor Fitness provides exercise equipment that requires no electricity to operate and eliminates the overhead required by indoor gyms.


Fitness Packages
Park Fitness
School Fitness
Fitness Trails
Technical Links:
Signature Accessible Catalog
Active Seniors Brochure
Transformations Brochure

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