Five at Heart

2117 NE Oregon Str
Suite #502
Portland, OR 97232

Tel : 888.218.3433
Contact: Serena Vescoso, BDM East Coast
Five At Heart (previously PFL Spaces) is dedicated to helping people rediscover the lost art of riding a bike.
Since 2007, we’ve designed, built and serviced hundreds of bike parking and changeroom facilities across the globe. We specialise in spacial design, product design and ongoing facility services.
We’re cyclists whose purpose is to make riding easy. Not just for fellow cyclists, but for whole cities and communities (like yours). We take all the hard parts about riding − the parking, showering, changing, lock up − and make them feel effortless.
Product Categories:
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
10450 Pedestrian Control Devices
10500 Lockers + Locks
10670 Storage Shelving
10900 Wardrobe, Closet Specialties
11150 Parking Control Equipment
12585 Closet + Storage Systems
12931 Bicycle Racks

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Brands / Products:
Pushbike Parking - The Wishbone, The Arc, The Track, The Cradle, The Silver Bullet, The Penny Farthing, The Hoop.
Secure Enclosures - The Cage, The Shed, The Container.
Lockers & Joinery - Pandora, Maximus II, Maximus, Towel Station, Freshlocker Station, The Airing Station.
85 Broad Street, New York
Edifice Jacques Parizeau, Montreal
525 Market St., San Francisco

New Products:
Our newest horizontal rack doesn’t just make spaces more beautiful. It uses an elevated seat rest so each bike self-positions effortlessly, while hard-wearing leather protects against knocks.
The Wishbone

Why Five at Heart
Do Good
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