Artisan Rocks by di Giacomo

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8085 E. Harvard Ave.
Denver, CO 80231

Tel : 303.750.8883
Contact: Karen Keyes
President: Vince Van Heukelem
Chief Rock Artisan: Karen Keyes

In the hands of the skilled artisans at di Giacomo, a 16-foot-high cliff will not only look real, but also will expand with the terrain- it will act and feel real. Our rocks listen to the geomorphology of nature and flow with the landscape. Everything that we create is a connection to the social dynamics of nature; it’s a reminder to go camping, a childhood memory, and an appreciation for the natural world.
Product Categories:
02815 Water Features: Fountains, Waterwalls + Waterfalls
02830 Retaining Walls
02879 Climbing Wall Systems, Boulders + Structures
03050 Concrete Materials + Methods
03300 Structural Concrete, Cast in Place
03450 Precast Architectural Concrete
03920 Concrete Resurfacing
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Artisan Rocks by di Giacomo showroom is located at 8085 E. Harvard Ave., Denver, CO 80231, where clients can view past project maquettes, sample material, and real-size product examples.

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Brands / Products:
Artisan RocksTM by di Giacomo
Tanner Fountain
Imperial Wing Golf Club

New Products:
New Projects: Albany Medical Center, Mehaffey Park
Albany Medical Center
Mehaffey Park

Green Statement/Products:
Artisan Rocks by di Giacomo encourage restoration of natural habitats. The Artisan Rocks are made from custom concrete mix designs to minimize impact on the environment.

Artisan Rocks’ History
Artisan Rocks’ Gallery
Technical Links:
Understand Nature from a rock artisan perspective
Learn about the Artisan Rocks’ Process

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