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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of wheelchair ramps, AlumiRamp designs, manufactures, and delivers a full line of ramping to promote active lifestyles for people with limited mobility. We pioneered the first modular aluminum ramp system in 1986 and now offer four lines to meet your exact needs, from the smallest threshold to the highest porch. AlumiRamp also offers handrails, landing platforms, step systems, and custom designs. AlumiRamp delivers quality, service, and dependability with all of our products, proudly made in the USA.
Product Categories:
02840 Walk, Road & Parking Appurtenances
02841 ADA Detectable Tiles, Strips + Ramps
02850 Prefabricated Bridges & Structures
05060 Metal Materials/Aluminum, Brass + Steel
14400 Wheelchair, Platform + Vehicle Lifts
Commercial + Residential
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Brands / Products:
The ACOM Ramp System has been developed for commercial buildings to meet the more stringent code demands of IBC and state building codes, i.e. when a picket rail is required or a 4' wide walking surface is necessary. The ramp system is all welded aluminum, fully customizable, and can be configured to meet other specialized building codes as required. The simple, modular design ensures easy setup and the ability to reconfigure and relocate the system. Ramps, Platforms, and Stairs are available with three standard rail options. Designed for schools, churches, and businesses

New Products:
The Armada Ramp System has been engineered to be an extremely light and flexible modular system for residential use. Ramps, platforms, and steps are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes. Constructed of all welded high strength aluminum alloy, fully anodized for a beautiful and durable finish, and meeting all ADA and ANSI guidelines. Installation is quick and easy.


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