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Welsh, LA 70591

Tel : 800.385.4948
Fax: 337.734.3676
Contact: Dora LeDoux or Nancy LaMotte
Nancy LaMotte, President

If you’re looking for dramatic, well-priced, well-made pots, look no further. Our handcrafted Vietnamese and Italian pots range from classic to contemporary, in a vast array of finishes. Long firing in wood kilns produces exceptionally strong pots that withstand freezing. Whether you’re looking for a particular architectural style, color palette, size or shape, our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you. Most orders ship from the large inventory we maintain in our Louisiana warehouse, so delivery is fast.
Product Categories:
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
02872 Outdoor Sculpture + Ornamental Work
02900 Planting, Trees, Lawns + Landscape
02945 Planting Accessories + Landscape Edging
12400 Furnishings + Accessories
12540 Hospitality + Restaurant Furniture
12570 Commercial Furniture + Furnishings
12800 Interior Plants + Planters
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Please visit us at our Welsh, LA headquarters or at our AmericasMart showroom (Building 2, West Wing, 10th Floor, A28).

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Brands / Products:
Planters, Vietnamese pottery, Glazed pottery, Terra cotta planters, Modern planters, Contemporary planters, Indoor planters, Outdoor planters, Frostproof planters, Frostproof pottery, Weather resistant planters, Planter feet, Pot feet, Bowl planters, Square planters, Round planters, Rectangular planters, Tapered planters, Restaurant planters, Hospitality planters, Italian terra cotta, Terra cotta pottery, Poolside planters, Garden ornaments, Rooftop planters, Unglazed pottery, Steel pottery, Handmade pottery, Contemporary pottery, Garden urns, Large planters, Concrete pottery, Concrete planters.
Glazed Clay
Lite Fiber Crete
Kor-ten Steel

New Products:
Vietnamese Sepia, a new finish to the Vietnamese Unglazed Collection.
Vietnamese Sepia
Vietnamese Rustic
New Arrivals

Green Statement/Products:
Our Anthracite and Chalk White Lite Concrete pots are made with a hemp fiber rather than synthetic fiberglass to produce a green fibercement product.

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