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Toronto, ON, CAN;
Buffalo, NY,

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ArtFORMS® International Inc. is the originator and exclusive supplier to building projects across North America of world-first-original concept ArtFORMS® Concrete Forms (since 1992). Single-use ArtFORMS® Concrete Forms are purchased and used to install affordable, attractive, quality ArtFORMS® cast-in-place architecturally styled concrete bases for…site lighting poles, columns, flagpoles, sign posts. Also, concrete protective/security bollards and other building applications. ArtFORMS® concrete bases solve the problem of the all-too-familiar, typically crude, unsightly, low quality tube-formed concrete base.
Product Categories:
02845 Bollards + Barriers
03100 ICFs, Concrete Forms, Molds + Accessories
03300 Structural Concrete, Cast in Place
16212 Solar Lighting
16222 LED Lighting
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16520 Exterior Lighting
16523 Street + Parking Lot Lighting
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Factory-direct sales (manufacturer’s sales representatives in selected regions)

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Brands / Products:
Several styles and sizes of ArtFORMS® cast-in-place architecturally styled concrete bases and bollards are possible with the purchase and use of single-use ArtFORMS® Concrete Forms (used material is recyclable). Applications include parking lot/street/walkway lighting pole bases; column bases, flagpole bases, sign post bases, concrete protective/security bollards; other building applications.
Kellamy 610R
Newavea 510R-High
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